This game is still good do you still play it?

i play hitman 3 but sometimes i play hitman 2016.
one of the things i like in this game that i can’t hear it in hitman 3, are people’s foot steps when they walk.
and lets say if you bump somebody holding a glass of wine, the glass hits the ground and smash you can hear it very clear. i do not know why the developer did not install that feature in hitman 3.


As far as I know this particular sound of smashing glass is still in the game.
At least I can hear it quite clearly


some of the missions in hitman 3 you can hear the wine glasses when they hit the floor.
dubai? yes you can hear it. but paris? no you cannot hear it in hitman 3. in hitman 2016? yes. every mission in hitman 2016 you can hear that and foot steps very clear. if you can hear these things in hitman 3 paris mission, let me know. what do you play hitman on? console or pc?

I’ll try to specifically test tomorrow


So I’ve tested this specific glass smashing sound in Paris on the balcony where you can poison Dahlia’s drink and everything is quite loud, clear and distinguishable.
Where exactly you experience those issues?

As for footsteps, I don’t ever remember hearing it in all three games.
Maybe I never payed attention though, but this sound shouldn’t be too loud

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thanks. if you are playing paris in hitman 3, and you walk in the bar and bump into people there drinks will hit the floor but you wont hear a sound.

What bar? The main one where you can prepare the cocktail for Novikov?

yes that bar. it has tons of people standing around. at the left side of the bar, that lady and guy are standing there drinking red wine. the lady is so fine so you cannot miss her. lol