This game would've been saved if Smith was in it

Just think about it. Every other game in the franchise has Smith, but Abso doesn’t. Had this ABSOLUTE unit of a man appeared in the game at least once the whole plot would’ve been entirely different. I’m going to present one of the most epic scenarios of how Smith could have changed the entirety of Absolution just by his sheer presence.
Smith being Smith would be probably investigating Blake Dexter at some point due to all the underground experiments in the fields of cloning, human experiments and everything else. But as usual gets caught, probably beaten up by Sanchez too and is now being held by Hope thugs in Terminus. 47 frees him and in return gets information about Sanchez and that he should not be underestimated. 47 then uses his brains, gets a whole ass shotgun just in case and upon hearing whatever Blake had to say about Victoria, barges in through the vents, takes a load on Sanchez’ head nut then another on the Yeehaw man and Layla leaving no witnesses. Having dealt with potential threat of Dexter he swiftly escapes the hotel before the cops arrive. Now Blake’s associates are the only ones who know anything about Victoria besides Birdie and from this point the game can go on without sneaky peakies now that 47s identity hasn’t been compromised.
And that’s all thanks to the best agent in the world, Carlton Smith. How do you think Smith could’ve affected the game if at all?


All jokes asides?
Not that much.

Absolution was made to be a grindhouse game.
(and a bad one. They wanted to be inspired by Tarantino and Max Payne 3. They forgot that both deconstructs/reconstructs the genre. I abhor the way it treats women.)

So best case scenario, the game would have expended into a Cohen Brothers styled black-comedy. Smith arriving too late, trying to make sense of it all. And not managing to. It would have diluted the (bad) style of the game by at least not being gleeful toward itself as it currently is.

But anything further would have been a complete reversing of the creative intent. Especially if it takes control of the narrative. It wouldn’t be saving Absolution. It would kill and replace it.


As the story stands I really don’t see him affecting the story in a major way and if he were in the game he would’ve just been reduce to a simple cameo, if he were to have a significant effect on the story there would have to rewrites to better fit him in the story.