Those dang twins

I failed the twins ET multiple times in the past and also lately in Arcade because this time there are additional enforcers including both of them so i couldnt do the poison trick and sniping from the town hall and on top of the mansion failed me, not to mention trees in the way and the top angle view not showing the watch. They also have their bodyguards so brute-forcing likely not a good approach either. They are also usually close together so “ducking” them not an option either.

I normally never ask for guidance but any input would be welcomed here.

There’s a featured contract from the latest selection that takes place on that ET, “The Art Lovers”. You could use it to practice. In this post you can see someone killing the twin very fast with a sniper around 16:15, I thought it was a pretty good idea.

The classic fart bomb (emetic device in a briefcase detonated near the target) also works against him like it does against most ETs.


Ill try to find the video but ive done that contract myself and posted pictures however they are both enforcers in this case which they are normally not hence the conundrum therefore I doubt the fart bomb will even work here, besides they will likely go to the same bathroom so that wouldnt help and NPCs have no sense of privacy, for instance in Whittleton I emetic the serial killer and a lady walked in the bathroom as i was about to drown him then she had a problem with me when i got there before her, then the static cowboy near the door also walked in so that was quite the party…

Perhaps sedate to triage so do we know if putting sedative in the wine glass is “harming the innocent brother” like when I failed the actual ET because he didnt like the colour of my briefcase? Lol

Its Cartes Blanches ETA if anyone curious.

I don’t remember how I proceeded for that ETA, probably used the sieker from somewhere they couldn’t see me or something similar. I’ll replay it to see how it goes.

Cool, thank you.

I managed when i did the featured contract because the annoying people who keeps roaming were in facts targets so i could get them out of the way first but it took removing their guards first as well then sieker him in the art gallery by the car exit using shoulder swap and tight aiming and timing.

Please note i was a vila guard so im not sure whether they would enforce as well if in a suit.

OK so basically I just started at the pier with the emetic bottle and some lethal poison, threw the bottle at him when he stops for a bit at the end of the pier (if you crouch on the lower walkway nobody can see you), followed him to the loo then poisoned him to skip the drowning, and left.

One of the guards got caught in the bottle cloud but if you wait for a bit for him to go puke next door he won’t come to ruin your SA. You could probably catch both twins in the bottle cloud and follow the right one since it disables their enforcer status (that’s probably how I did it the first time), but even if you only get Dylan the other twin will just go his merry way and won’t follow you. All in all not particularly complicated.

At least I managed to improve my timing on the Broker and the Entertainer while replaying that ETA so even I got something out of it lol.

Yeah me too since i dont know how many times i had to start all over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad it worked out for you and thanks for the effort.

Alright i couldnt delay the other brother despite bumping into him and he didnt care about my gun on the ground so he saw me drowning the guy, alerted everyone and they saw me hide in the box so I got shot so starting all over again for i dont know how many times :confused:

Do we know if the tranq gun is harming him or would that even work if sick?

Im also not sure why he went to the single toilet upstairs when there are doubles downstairs and closer…

EDIT: I can now confirm that ingested sedative will fail the mission so the tranq gun will likely provide the same outcome.

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I too, failed the Twins a few times (on its original release I strangled the wrong one, then on the re-release poisoned the wrong one).

So when ET Arcade came out, I took out my revenge in VR.

If you want to take them out quickly, just run straight to them at the start.


Haha i dont do VR but fun run.

IAmCrusty on youtube puts out some hilarious Hitman VR clips if anyone interested.

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You don’t need to delay anyone, just throw the bottle near the right twin (it’s the one who’s a little behind on the pier, but you can still identify him with the watch to be sure it’s the right one) and that’s it :x If you start at the pier he will always go to the loo near the beach (unless you catch too many people in the cloud maybe?).

Generally when targets have bodyguards I poison instead of drowning, it takes an extra item slot but it’s way faster and safer. Also for some reason sedative poisons break SA but the Kalmer does not :x

Im pretty sure you cant poison here since they dont drink or eat at the cafe but they do drink at the wine shop except dylan makes gonza drink first, thats where i thought of poisoning the glass as a server right before his turn but one im not sure if thats possible especially in such a small shop and two, they were both enforcers here because ETA.

Its ok though, i found a completely different bulletproof method ive done several times which takes a bit of time but it never fails and it does involves explosives actually HAHAHAHA

You can just poison him with a syringe when he’s puking in the loo. It’s just to make things a bit quicker than drowning while still using a method that keeps SA, it’s not really required but if you can spare the item slot there’s no real downside to it.

Kinda interested in the explosives method though :3

Some other time they went downstairs when we were closer to the left side though but i wont try emetic again, way too random and unreliable.

I dont have a way to record video other than with my tablet perhaps but id have to upload a video on here, like i would attach a picture without YouTube etc is that even possible here?

I don’t know if you can upload videos on HMF directly but describing the method would be enough :slight_smile:

How do you block text to avoid spoilers?


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Click on the blurred text when making a post if you click on the gear :gear: and scroll down to the bottom you should find the blur spoiler option or you can choose the hide details option also found in the gear

like this

I hope this was helpful

Alright so I got a video but not without the hassle of hosting it, anyway I found their positioning to be consistent so he will be sitting towards the vila while the brother is giving you a window of opportunity by placing a call so a micro explosive planted under (tecnically on for some reason) his chair and kaboom!

Other explosives too obvious, the ducks too cute not to steal and even the xmas was causing collateral so thats what i came up with although the video much more entertaining than an explanation.

You can’t keep SA when you use a micro explosive on him though? Unless the kill comes from the nearby propane tank?

No you can’t although you can still get a decent score since no one saw you and propane is too finicky to me but hey, at least I dont do all 3 elusive targets over i dont know how many times, and my method is a satisfying revenge too :star_struck: