Thoughts on store DLC

I would like to know what you guys think of the DLC in the store section of the menu ( the makeshift pack trinity pack etc) do you guys think it’s a good idea or no

(This is my first post btw so let me know if somebody has asked this before)

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This has been discussed elsewhere on this forum, but I think it’s a pretty good thing. Consider that Hitman (the 2016 iteration) released 8 years ago now. World of Assassination consolidated all three games under one interface (effectively) but this is a game that is now 8 years old from it’s first release.

In that 8 years, we’ve gotten Hitman 2 and 3 (both paid for), 7 Deadly Sins (paid for) the addition of the New York and Haven levels in Hitman 2 (paid) but everything else has been free. Unless I’m forgetting something, that means we have gotten, for free:

Ambrose Island
Escalations in all three games
Additional items with practically every roadmap
Elusive Targets and the Elusive Target Arcade
Featured Contracts (curated by the community but an official part of the game)
Game updates and patches for the last 8 years.

I’m willing to throw IOI a few bucks every now and then for the ongoing content. The two packs available for Freelancer add fairly little to the game other than some reskinned items really, but given how much extra content we’ve gotten beyond the base games over the years, it’s practically a tip to IOI, even if the actual content of those extra packs is never used.


That’s what i thought as well. my personal favorite of the packs is the trinity pack even though other people seem to not like. I like it because it’s very clean.

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Those 5$ DLCs shouldnt even be stand alone imo.

They should be included in the WOA Deluxe edition.

I passed on those but i got most other dlc and im getting the undying.


I just like dressing 47 up I don’t care how ugly or pretty the suit is or if it’s dlc or a twitch drop I’m still going to make 47 wear it

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WHAT that game was 8 years ago what the fuck

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Time flies when you having fun :copyright:


yeah time files man i was only 16 when i got back in 2017

Yep. Hitman (2016) was initially released on March 11, 2016, so it’s going to be 8 years old on Monday.


we are getting old everyone

I would like to support the game HITMAN, so if IO wants to further increase sales with DLC, I would like to cooperate.
But if we are going to cooperate anyway, there is DLC we would like to obtain.
HITMAN (2016) had DLC for Japanese Voice, which is the language of my country.
I would love to see HITMAN WoA add other language audio as well as subtitles.
Of course, I predict that the price will be high because it will be a considerable volume.
I want this so badly I am willing to buy it even if the price is $50 because I want it by the throat.
This is only my desire.


I really couldn’t care any less for the street art pack (or w/e it’s called). I do prefer the make-shift pack… But, they do put them in the freelancer items you have to buy back after increasing your prestige level, making it that just that more of a chore. But I guess if you wanted to wear/use them during FL then you’d get to.

As for them being displayed in the game on the store page… That’s fine. I only get a quick glance of it when going to the Options screen to exit. :man_shrugging:

From zero, all DLCs together can be expensive (more than 100€ if you need to purchase the base game)… But the new system is, to be honest, more fair.
For example, bying the base game allows the access to all maps (+ a ton of free contents like FC, escalation, ETA, bonus missions, freelancer).

The DLCs are OK. The deluxe pack offers a lot of contents for its price (two new maps, 7DS, two sniper maps, deluxe escalations). So, I’m personally OK with the other DLCs that are charged 5€.

And the store page is not intrusive. You scroll between the different menus before reaching the store.

I think about the last update in Sims 4 where the store button is now present directly in build mode, flashing from time to time, literally forcing you to go in :nauseated_face:.
Let’s be honest, the transaction system in Hitman is relatively fair when compared to other games (Fortnite, Sims 4…) where micro-transaction is the core way to make money.

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Here we go again…

Firstly… no Deluxe Edition does not entitle you to every single slice of premium content. The WoA Deluxe Edition is designed in a way to access a majority of the PREMIUM content the trilogy has to offer. Some of it being essential, and most of it being non essential.

This mentality of I paid said amount of dollars I’m owed said content is a ridiculous one when you’re purchasing something that advertises everything you’ll be-able to access that being this as shown on the EGS and every other store front.

It’s like saying I’m owed every single piece of premium content because I purchased Hitman 2016 in full before it launched with Paris, purchased Hitman 2’s Gold Edition before it released and purchased Hitman 3’s Deluxe Edition before it released.

The point is you get what you pay for it’s why EULA’s/Terms and Conditions exist even for digital media/licenses when purchasing video game content. IOI averages 2 Premium Content Packs per year, most importantly they don’t break the bank.

I want to conclude this by simply saying spending $10-$15 per year isn’t as bad as spending $20 every-time a Battle Royale such as Fortnite drops something sought after from collaboration skins, rocket league vehicles, Lego Builds, Music Tracks, to harvesting tools and emotes.


I stole Hitman from Gamestop. I robbed a Gamestop. I’m entitled to every piece of content.

This is only my desire.

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