Thoughts on weapons and suits themed around one thing

No, they were identical in all but that tiny sticker. It was an insult. Even the Shortballer (a MK.III of the silverballer) has the same sound effects, but that was designed to deliberately look different,and so it’s less annoying.

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Yeah the MK 2 variants do have different sounds as shown here (10:02)

I can definitely hear the difference between the Tac 4’s and the other guns, but not the ENRAM HV Coverts. I think they might have a “sparkier” sound, but I struggle to tell them apart.

Also the black Lily is an ICA19 variant, not a silverballer variant, correct? Different class of “Gun” so to speak.

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Oh, they have a slightly different sound that’s barely noticeable unless you compare them with a video? Well that settles it then, the MK2 variants ARE a great addition to the game!

Plus the shitty pink stickers are very fashionable.

Being serious, I don’t fault ioi too much for the whole MK2 mess because they were so broke at the time they couldn’t even make proper cutscenes for H2. :rofl:

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I mean at least they tried

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You mean you don’t like the shiny dress slacks and shiny dress shoes with a graphic hoodie look?