Thoughts on weapons and suits themed around one thing

What do you guys think of the (I’m gonna call them sets) sets of guns and stuff like the rude ruby set

the rude ruby set


the lucky ducky set


Ducky suit is an L no cap fr fr

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At least it’s not just another ordinary reskin.
Now we can dress up all like Mr. Ducky and say hello to let’s say Alexa or Sean Rose or whoever the target is.
Not as boring as ordinary equipment


That’s a good point
Why kill you target with any old sniper rule then you can kill them with a duck themed sniper rifle

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The Lucky Ducky suit is greatly brought down by its lower half to be honest. I haven’t been using Rude Ruby items and pretty much forgot that smg ever existed.
Ducky 5mm is my favourite unlock from all of those just for the quack alone.

The ICA19 Ducky Edition pistol is so cool. Too bad is F/A because i barely use F/A pistols. They should make a non F/A one.

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the strings have no gravity thats my only reasoning :slightly_frowning_face:

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Oh ok in that case I agree I thought you just hated the suit

It is one of the suits of all time, that’s about it.

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I usually love pink stuff but sadly that doesn’t apply to the Rude Ruby items. I think “guns” and “cute” are two things that don’t really go well together and the suit is an insult to 47’s style, he just looks like a chav in that.

The Ducky guns kinda look like plastic toys to me so I don’t really use them unless I want to go full on silly. The suit’s okay, although I hate that it counts as a disguise and not a suit in contracts.


Guns and cute DO go together, it’s just funny.

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And also by the static drawstrings. I was so disappointed when I made 47 swirl and they stayed put. Other hoodies have drawstrings with physics.


I like them! Having a suit with a couple items that go really well with it is one pro of the Deluxe/7DS content I haven’t really thought about before now.

I also like the things that weren’t made to be related but look really nice together anyway. For example, The Ephemeral Suit, Aluminum Travel Briefcase, and Silverballer


47 looking like a real girlie doing a spin :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the ICA19 goes well with the Ephemeral because it looks like the one in the OG trailer.

I really like them, I enjoy the various looks and themes but I will say it does tend to clutter the inventory a lot.

My favorites are the ducky, gold, greed, and trinity sets. My least favorite of all time is the MK 2 set, they legit just slapped a “2” sticker on them and called it a day, thank god they didn’t do it for the MK 3 set and actually gave the items good redesigns.

Ok now that you mentioned the ducky guns looking like toys I actually wouldn’t mind them being one of the few weapons you can legally carry while in your suit or any other civilian disguise, of course they still wouldn’t get passed frisk zones.

they legit just slapped a “2” sticker on them and called it a day

I believe MK 2 items also have different sound effects and stuff that’s less high-profile

The tracksuit is really the only part of the Ruby Rude lineup I dislike. I like the sniper rifle, the pink gun etc.