Throwable mini charge

I wish 47 had an upgrade to the micro remote explosive so that he can throw and stick it to the chandelier chain just like you would with the aim when you throw a knife at target’s head because you need the right place and timing, and maps such as berlin makes it tough to pull a gun out in public, even as a guard, you can hold but not aim at people unless youre planning a gun fight.

In other words a throwable remote sticky bomb. Some chandeliers have a winch you can place an explosive on… But it seems that a lot more of them don’t.

Some alternative methods might be placing the bomb on the floor above… This requires knowledge of the locations of the chandeliers. Place them on the floor and detonate and the blast will usually make them fall.

You could also use the impact explosives like the explosive golf ball and baseball, or nitroglycerin. You might be able to throw them at the floor when above them. But definitely (assuming your throw arc goes that high) throw them at the ceiling to make them fall… There’s a chance the blast could push them away.

Sorry if you knew this already.

Edit: I had to do this in one of the recent FCs for Berlin. No shooting allowed unless it’s at an NPC. So throwable impact explosives were (as far as I know) the only way to get it done.


Actually i did not but even so, thanks for the input.

Some of these methods might be too messy or imprecise but youre making me want to experiment with winch and EMP and concussion duck with chandelier.


You surely know by the time I’m posting this… That combo won’t work. At least, it shouldn’t. The EMP interacts with electronic devices… Even the fumigation machine in Whittleton Creek. But a winch would qualify as a mechanical device. So only bullets, tools (crowbar), or explosions will make them do their thing.

Edit: I do recall in H2 (I don’t know if it’s present in H:WoA) but you could throw a fire extinguisher at a winch to make it release a chandelier. And at some point you could even throw FEs at video recording machines to deactivate them.

But now we have the ‘Lock On’ for cameras…

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Thats what i just found now experimenting: concussion duck too loud and will attract attention and/or be removed just like the breaching plus thats illegal and the EMP did nothing, thats why I never really bothered with those.

Shooting works but its obvious in crowded areas and may not offer the right timing and angle so the micro explosive might be the best overall in this case so I hope my findings helps some people out there.

I do beleive the micro will nullify an accident if placed by a propane flask though.

Whats FE?

Ill see if fire extinguisher still works that way.

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FE = Fire Extinguisher. Like PT = Propane Tank.

The micro explosive can nullify SA - but only if it’s what kills the target. You can have a leaking PT near a target, but it’s better to have the explosive a few feet or under a meter away.

Even better still - use the EMP, a remote taser, or the breaching charge to detonate a PT rather than a “big boom” type of explosive. I mean, if you’re going for an accidental kill -obviously.

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Its a bit finicky but ill keep that information in mind. Also the PT also runs out after a while right?

Ive tried with the chandelier from the above floor but none did anything other than the concussion duck dropping the chandelier that was beside it half a floor below so…

Whats PT?

Can you at least link to a sheet of common abbreviations if you’re gonna use them over speaking English?

It say in the first sentence in his message: