Thrown Explosive Weapon removes "no pacification"

This does not make sense to me. A thrown weapon KILLS the target, it does NOT pacify him! So that means if you want to make a SONKO contract, you CANNOT use a thrown weapon kill. This should really be changed.

I changed the title because it’s wrong, Thrown Melee Weapons does not KO the targets, but Thrown Explosive Weapons KO the targets a split second prior to the explosion, which, I understand why, because the impact of the weapon with the npc causes the npc to knock out, but at the same time, it is incredibly stupid because the intention of the player is to kill the target, not to ko them.

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Ok sorry that is true, but I just tested the Molotov, and I am happy to report that when used as a thrown weapon, it does NOT remove “no pacifications”. Problem solved!

Afair I tried the same thing with the explosive baseball a while ago and it did removed, have you tried it with other explosives?

The weapon hit his head, and exploded. The hit pacified him, then the explosive killed him. That’s a very short time lag that people can hardly notice, but computer will record everything happened. So of course that will remove “no pacification” under the current rules. But I think the rule is not sensible. Maybe there’s something IOI could do to adjust it.
As for molotov, that’s because it is lethal when thrown. When you throw a molotov, NPC is instantly killed by throwing weapon, no by the explosive afterwarz. NPC killed like this will be recorded as “Throwing weapon, molotov” in contracts. That’s the difference, as the baseball is not lethal when thrown. If you look closer you will see that lethal throwing weapon shows a brown circle when you aim an NPC while non-lethal one shows a white circle. And molotov shows a brown one, explosive baseball shows a white one. That will explain the phenomenon.

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I wouldn’t call it a phenomenon, but just a difference.
You explained it very well.
And yes, one should be careful with tiny details like this

well you see English is not my native. It’s hard for me to tell the slight difference between words, I’m just speaking by translating from my native language. After all what I tried to say is “That will explain what you see”, and “what you see” can be translated into “phenomenon” in my language, so that’s it. :rofl:

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Since this happens because the NPC is pacified for a split second, I wonder if they could fix it by making the explosive baseball etc. knock them down without pacifying, like the muffin does? Gameplay would be the same otherwise, since they die right after anyway, but it would keep you from having to try and aim it so the baseball doesn’t lock on.