To IO Interactive Devs

As I recently finished the Hitman Trilogy, an followed the franchise since 2002 on PC, I want to take a moment to give all involved a thank you. As stated I re-entered gaming in 2002, after a 20yr layoff due to life basically. Nonetheless, from Hitman: Codename 47 all the way to the final entry in the trilogy, I must say you were able to do what many developers have failed on, an that is end a beloved characters “Career” with dignity an respect, an not just dropping them without explanation. An the extra characters (Mr. Grey) as well as H3 target character had depth, unlike many story based characters that are just shoe-horned in to to progress the plot. In ending, you all did an outstanding job with 47, an hope to see him return sooner than later.


In all seriousness, we know some official IOI staff hang around here from time to time and I really hope that you pass along to everyone else how utterly blown away I am by H3. It’s visually stunning, ends the trilogy (if not the series) on such a positive note and the writing. Oh man the writing. After so many stories lately have relied on cheap twists and subverting expectations, you paid off every single hint you dropped in the first 2 games and then some. And not only that but you had the guts to let 47, the biggest badass in-universe, be vulnerable. The last thing he wants Diana to hear from him is that he’s sorry? Are you kidding me? Who else would completely eschew the bland, gruff toxic masculinity we’ve come to expect. Amazing job and you deserve all the money and recognition in the world!


IOI always deliver for the fan base. Totally ageee with the OP :+1:t2:

Don’t worry 47 will be back in the future, it’s just when :grimacing:

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