Tomb Raider Hitman Crossover

A good crossover game I’m thinking could between HITMAN World of Assassination and the Tomb Raider Survivor Trilogy with Mr. 47 and Lara Croft teaming up to take on Providence and Trinity both of which have joined forces to compensate for their enormous losses. Birdie could be revealed late in the game to be the new leader of both organizations.

I love both franchises but… Hell no.

EDIT: i liked Absolutions TR Easteregg tho.


Sometimes fan fiction is best left fan fiction.


I honestly don’t think any sort of hitman x ( insert franchise here ) crossover game would work ( especially if the hitman part isn’t made by io ) hitman is more of a stealth game and tomb raider ( to my knowledge at least I haven’t played any tomb raider game so correct me if I am wrong ) is more of a puzzle game so it seems like the type of game that would have one franchise fit in much more than the other also this is probably a lot less likely of a thing that could happen since square enix haven’t owned io since like 2017 I think and they sold of lara Croft to cde so there probably going to stick to more random crossovers like Brawlhalla power wash simulator cod etc

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Lara is amazing, but better put it as an easter egg inside the HITMAN universe than as a side character. Too much different imo.


It would be interesting to get an ET that’s a reference/parody of Lara Croft. There are plenty maps with ruins for her to explore like Sapienza, Santa Fortuna, and Ambrose Island


Yes great idea, and then add to the party spider man, Mickey mouse and Kratos of god of war. :rofl:

And the Client could probably be a religious military order as a parody to the Order of Trinity from the Tomb Raider Survivor Trilogy.

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