Toolbox Loadout

the toolbox container should come equipped with the hammer, wrench, crowbar and screwdriver as a default

IIRC, when that came out in H2, they also had the unlocks of the box cutter, and the measuring tape (garrote). Maybe those could be included too. But yeah. The hammer and handyman’s wrench were also unlocks.

We do have the ICA crowbar that was unlocked from an escalation for Whittleton Creek. There is currently no unlock for any ‘screwdriver’ item (obviously). Maybe one day.

I think, in short, any briefcase-like item would logically have a set amount of space in it. How can you bring 3 coins in it, but can only ever place 1 back into it? :grin:

They could make a Doctor’s Bag. Stethoscope (garrote), scalpel lethal melee, poison vials and syringes… Cholorphorm rag for sedative KO’s? :hushed:

Business Briefcase; Scissors, newspaper, wristwatch, any of the phone items… explosive pen?

Chef/Cook Briefcase… I could go on and on.

These would have to be smaller items for the limited space given. Put in 1 sniper rifle and you have no space remaining.


doctor and cook cases are excellent ideas… I like it a lot

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business case is really good, too

the arctic toolbox too