Top Screen Bar is Glitched While Swiping

This video explains it well

Works fine for me, it could your browser glitching :thinking:

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What phone, OS and browser do you use?

I use an Android

That is only half an answer to the OS question :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had this happen to me on PC using Chrome a few times - was happening a lot the other day but haven’t seen it since.

Urben, you know that I am not a PC guy, OS and me are not friendos

Well I thought kids these days at least know the name of the phone or the app they go into the Internet with. Sorry.

For the first, in the options of your phone there should be somewhere something like “About the phone”. There should also be an information about which Android version you use (aka the OS).

For the second thing, the app you tab on to browse HMF has a name under the symbol, I need that one.

That’s Chrome, probably in the Progressive Web App of the Hitmanforum site, running on a Samsung Galaxy M42/A22/F22, judging by the 720x1600 resolution and the name of the video.


Bro figured what phone I got from my screenshot :skull:

Except it’s a A51 not a A22, oh well, close enough


Ah, I see. The video resolution is lower than the screen’s resolution :smile:

I wanted to make the file smaller…

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