Train Surfing Trophy

Hi, I did all the challenges in the Carpathians
Assasination,Discovery,Feats,Targets and the Train Surfing trophy still didn’t jump, which I have to fulfill even more. or is it still a bug, I am quite surprised that in such an old game it is still not fixed in the case of a bu

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Did you do the codename 47 challenge pack challenge because from what I have heard that is now required for the trophy :trophy:

I don’t have this challenge right now, is it necessary to do both? or just one? because they are related to other missions that were before if I understand correctly?

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If you do have to do it you would have to do the entire challenge pack i am not certain about this but if I had to guess that’s how it works now if not I can’t think of anything to help

Have you completed all of the “Classic” Challenges?
You need to complete the “All” challenge.
You can find the description in the June 2021 patch notes under " Location Changes, Carpathian Mountains, Romania".