Tried Whittleton Creek a little differently

Tried some different methods on Cassidy and Janus that I wasn’t sure if I could do, but it worked like a charm. Going in with a sniper rifle in a case, and the Sieker in a hidden stash, and collecting the coin lying on the sidewalk in the map, I used the coin to lure Cassidy’s bodyguard in range of the trashcan behind the shed in the park where people go to puke, and used the Sieker to send him there when he was in range. Knocked him out once he got there, hid his body in the closet inside the shed. I then went across the map to the construction area where you can exit if you obtain the key from a worker there, and picked up the explosives that get confiscated from the gardener. I walked back to the shed and put the explosive in the trashcan, repeated the process with Cassidy that I used with his bodyguard, but when he got to the can and started puking, I triggered the bomb and blew his fucking ass over the fence and out of sight.

I then snuck into Janus’s house, knocked out and hid the bodies of everyone but Janus, then went to the house where you play the tape where Janus is talking with the Constant. From that second story window, I used the sniper rifle that I brought and waited for him to sit down in the chair where his air canister is. Lined up my shot just right and clugged the motherfucker.

This was a fun method, and I wasn’t sure these could be done, but there we go.


Not to sound like a Shrink but… Nice to hear (read) that you’re making progress. :smile:


What do you mean?


Aw, I’m just taking a friendly jab at ya for (I’m assuming) not following those stifling HPPs since you say you knocked out some number of bodyguards, even using an explosive on Cassidy (cool that he went over the fence, btw :+1: ) and sniping Janus.

It was a roundabout way of implying that the HPPs are a little… crazy. :grin: (IMO)

Also, (sorry to say it) but did this news really warrant a whole topic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I did follow the HPP. Everyone focuses on step 5, which deals with the difficult steps necessary to be taken when setting up accident kills and outsourcing. Everyone forgets step 6, which deals with direct murder, in which case you can knock out and hide NPCs, among other things, as necessary, so long as you have no witnesses and are wearing gloves. I followed that when doing this run through, ensuring nobody could see when I delivered the death blow to either target and left no evidence that would suggest to authorities who might be responsible. Step 6 is more lenient than step 5 because you’re not trying to hide that the target was indeed assassinated.

I couldn’t find any suitable thread that dealt with new playthroughs, especially one for specific maps, except for What’s New, and I’ve decided to leave that for non-game stuff, so I just decided to make one here and see what anyone might say to these methods, assuming no one here had done them before.


I’d think maybe in your HPPs topic, or in the ‘Idiosyncrancies of your playstyle’ topic. Or contemplate a new/better title so it’s not… all about you. :sweat_smile: :cry: (I don’t know… If I could think of something I’d suggest it).

But I myself try some of the missions a little differently from time to time.

@ZeroGravitas seems to have taken care of that for me, so there we go.

For the record, I just moved it to the appropriate subcategory. I was making no judgment on the worthiness of the topic, as I have little interest in reading the minutiae of other people’s playstyles.

It does seem like you could have just as easily posted this in your playstyle thread, though.

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I felt it was more specific to playing the Whittleton Creek map specifically rather than falling under my play style. It was more about bringing attention to others that here’s a couple ways for you if you want to try to repeat them. I just didn’t see any thread specifically dedicated to Whittleton Creek itself. Now, anyone who tries something different there, they can post here.

But nothing in your initial post or the title of the thread comes anywhere close to suggesting that that is what this topic is for.

Yeah, I posted this pretty awkwardly, as it didn’t feel like this was it, I just didn’t see any place that made sense at the time.