Trilogy firearms comparison

This is a place to discuss about best and worst firearm in categories. Even the worst of them is good and helpful, but well, we always need better. I’d really be thankful of @badeaguard’s help, as I’m using pictures from his thread.
Share your thoughts (If you have shot with them) and enjoy!



Best: Leviathan sniper rifle covert (Full Option)
      ‌Sieger 300 Ghost (Best experience for me, good options,    
      fast packable, small)
Worst: Jaeger 7 - Jaeger 7 MK II (No difference between these two,
       lack of options, No zoom, useless)


Best: Enram HV Covert MK II
Worst: Sawed Off Bartoli 12G

No actual difference but the silenced part,
This is mostly based on the feeling they gave,
and of course silenced part helped.


Best: Tac-SMG Covert (Silenced, good range and damage,
beautiful and sharp)
Worst: Tac-SMG (Not silenced, reduced damage) 


Best: HWK21 Covert (Extended Magazine, silenced, good range) 
      ICA19 SilverBaller MK II (silenced, stabilizer, Sharp,
      good damage)
Worst: Concept 5 - Rude Baby 
(Just beautiful, No options or specialties at all)
(Why should a pistol be pink anyway?)
Assault Rifles


Best: TAC-4 S/A Jungle 
Worst: Shashka A33 H
(I usually prefer an SMG rather than this, so this
best-worst is by a limited experience)

Edit This post if I left or miswrote something.


I would argue the Krugermeier is the best pistol. I just love that subsonic perk.

But im happy test other suggestions. Lately i often use the trinity pistols, because the crosshair feels tighter. Thats probably just in my head though. :smile:

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the sawed off bartoli defense squad has arrived, cant believe this abaolute slander


Thank you for the mention. My favorite is the Black Trinity and I don’t care if it’s under powered or such because I just like the way it looks!

My favorite sniper has become the ICA Woodsman Rifle Covert because it has this mix of classic and new.
As for the rest I really don’t care.


The DAK X2 covert is the best SMG though.


Yeah, That’s a great one. Haven’t unlocked myself though.

And a question. What’s the difference between an Assault Rifle and a SMG?

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I really wish the gold smg was that one instead. one handed and able to start with it in the loadout.

That would be really nice.

Lately my favorite pistol is the Spray Can Silencer

It’s pretty quiet

I assume the Krugermeier is more quiet?

Well, it’s hard to argue with you with your picks. Maybe I would say that Krugermeiser would be better for quiet, subtle playthroughts, but even I would have Silverballer over Kruger myself, so no fuss.

So I came with more… subjective term of judgement. I will tell you not what is the best or worse weapon in HWOA, but what was for me personally most and least enjoyable equippment. Let’s start.

Most enjoyable: The one from Hitman 2016 with Ave Maria theme in it, cannot recall the name.
Least enjoyable: Variants of Sieger. I mean it’s great sniper rifle, sure but there is no addidional fun value to most of variants.

Most enjoyable: Bartolli wodden version from Sapienza. It just looks like shotgun should look like.
Least enjoyable: Any silenced version. That’s not a shotgun.

Most enjoyabe: Really I dunno. Maybe HX-10 for mass killing. I dunno.
Least enjoyable: Tac-SMG. Cheap, unlocked 5 years ago when it was purple. Bad memory.

Most enjoyable: It has to be Silverballer or Striker. Depends of purpose of usage. But I love both equally.
Least enjoyable: 5mm colceald pistol and rude ruby. No point in both guns for me.

Assault rifles:
Most enjoyable: Shashka. Because I can feel like a mad terrorist.
Least enjoyable: Fusil. Generic, till sashka come by.


Most enjoyable: Fish. The best addition to Hitman back from Codename 47.
Least enjoyable: ICE remote audio distraction. It’s just a distraction worthy of a simple coin.

Most enjoyable: Any duckey.
Least enjoyable: RFID triggered explosive.

It’s actually just as accurate as the Silverballer just without the perk. It does look really nice, would you say it captured the Blackballer’s look well?

It’s totally different in many many ways. The Black Trinity follows the same design of the original Silverballer, ICA one not a thing besides the resemblance of the grips.

I mean in terms of its stats. I know the Black Trinity is a different tone from the original but it looks pretty close to the original Blackballer. I would guess maybe it was changed for copyright reasons back in 2016 and that’s the reason they couldn’t just use the model outright and changed it a little bit color wise? Like wasn’t it originally based off the 1911?