Trinity Pack Post-Launch

I can’t afford to pre-order Hitman 3 but love the series. Will there be any way to acquire the Trinity Pack pre-order bonus after launch?

nobody knows yet but most likely the answer is yes


If I remember correctly, the preorder bonuses for Hitman 1 and 2 were all available to purchase post-launch. So probably.


I did a more extend post about preorder bonuses some time ago that might be helpful:


For Hitman 1, yes. The Requiem Pack was available to buy about a year after the original launch, once all levels were out by then.

For Hitman 2, the Executive Pack was never and still hasn’t released separately.

I’m assuming that IOI is going to be a bit more pro-consumer this time and offer this pre-order bonus at or soon after launch. Hopefully. But they haven’t confirmed anything themselves…


they just love making content and not allowing us to use it, don’t they? most h2016 escalations, elusive targets and even skins)

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Escalations and ETs need some rework to bring them back to a new game. Which skins are missing?


do they really? it’s kinda disappointing anyway

that executive pack or whatever. also the ghost mode suit

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Yes. The Pharmacist if I remember correctly for example was attempted for quite some time to be brought to H2 and it eventually failed.

Executive pack likely can be brought with progress transfer. Just like the GM suit. They even confirmed the GM suit can be unlocked in H3 regularily.

Please don’t make speculations look like facts.

but if you don’t own it, what then?

that’s just one example. i’m not so sure about ets but most escalations didn’t change much in terms of ai and stuff, so what kind of work do they require?

could you please link it?

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I don’t know.

Likely backend stuff mostly, maybe additionally align the code to changes done to the engine. After that it also requires a QA phase.

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Grrrr, all that grinding for nothing! :joy:

To be fair, I’m sure one of the devs (maybe Sidsel, off the top of my head) said they wanted the Phantom Suit to be tough to earn in H3 as a mark of respect for everyone who put the time into Ghost Mode to earn it in H2.


From a business perspective it would make complete sense to add this in as an optional in-game purchase at a later date, I’d put money on them adding it in :+1:t2:

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The only content I am truly concerned with being brought back are the Sarajevo Six missions.

They are only available on the PS4, Square-Enix version of HITMAN 2016. I mean, I have it, but I would love for it to be remastered in HITMAN 3 and unless there is still something in their Sony agreement, it would be great for non-PlayStation players to be able to play those missions.


Perfect timing :sunglasses:

I miss stage 5: the floor is bombs unless your hands are occupied not at all

Nothing compares to it. Well, maybe the Arctic sniper rifle.

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God damn it! I want the trinity pack. Can’t find anyone selling it on Ebay. I need it for Epic Games/PC version.

Trinity Pack for xbox if anybody wants it, i don’t play xbox much, i’m not sure if the code is region locked, i’m in the UK, let me know if it works


Are you giving away some Deluxe Packs as well :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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I wish :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: nah this was just in the box

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