Trouble Accessing Content

Hey all,

I just recently purchased the Hitman: GOTY Edition on PS4. I have used the links within the game to upgrade to Legacy, have downloaded the add-ons for the different areas through the Legacy page. Yet, when I try to access Paris onward, it tries to send me to the store but says there is no content … It will go to the Add-On store pages listed on the store tab, but not the episode pages.

I’m currently in the process of reinstalling to see if it changes anything, but no luck so far. I’m still waiting for ‘All Data’ to be completed but Paris has been installed through the Legacy update. Figured I’d post now as I’m getting pretty impatient! Is completing the install likely to make a difference or is there a problem somewhere?



The links you followed for redeeming the Legacy content is for playing the H1 locations within HITMAN 2.

What you’ll need to do for playing the locations within HITMAN is go into your library and download the add-ons that contain the locations for the H1 launcher.