Trouble with Classics Registering On Dubai Map

I’ve run this mission like 10 times and gotten Silent Assassin and Suit only but it will not register in my challenges… I some how managed to get 2 Silent Assassins and 1 Silent Assassin Suit Only in my progress but it just stopped tracking now. I’ve run it 10 times since those and nothing. Still stuck at 2 and 1 in the progress bars for the challenges. Anyone run into this or know a fix? Thanks in advance

Are you asking about the SASO challenge specifically for Dubai or about the general ones with the multiples?

Because it sounds like the former should be awarded, but the latter is a global challenge that only counts once for each level/mission.

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There are multiple challenges with SA. One says get 5 SA runs and another one is like 17 or something. I have 2/17 and I’m assuming I have to get 17/17 to complete the challenge no? No matter how many times I run through the mission with SA, it won’t count anymore towards the progress. So you’re saying I can only get that to count once on Dubai? It’s progres across all the missions?

In other words, you’re saying I don’t have to run SA 17 times on Dubai to get that challenge done? Lol

Right. Those are global challenges. You need to SASO 17 different missions.

(IO probably could have made that a little more obvious in their description. :grin:)

Yeah I was so confused haha well thanks so much for the info! Thought my shit was broken lol

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