UK, BELDINGFORD MANOR (Mission #4) - Discussion Thread

Infiltrate Beldingford manor, assassinate Lord Winston Beldingford and his son Alistair and free their prisoner, Giles Northcott.

Northcott was recently abducted by the Beldingfords. No ransom has been requested and our client didn’t want to involve the police. It’s simple enough, but the client wants it done with a certain touch of class. He has accepted we have no information on where Northcott is being kept hostage. The Beldingfords are having a hunting party this weekend and guests are in the house. We’ll get you there for a nocturnal approach, when most of the hunting party guests should be asleep. There has been high turnover on their domestic staff, so use the boat by the lake to leave the estate when you’re done


  • Lord Winston Beldingford, “The Hunter”
  • Alistair Beldingford, “The Heir”

For me, this is the most memorable mission in Contracts :smiley:
Will never forget the creepy music that plays when you infiltrate the mansion.


Pretty good mission. It just suffers from the same “stretching” a lot of Contracts levels have. Is it really necessary to run for a minute to enter the mansion…

Everyone tried to kill me.

It was a very realistic trip to England.


One of my personal favourites in the game for the atmosphere alone. There’s something nice and cozy about bringing the WA2000 up into the barn’s attic and blowing the old aristocrat away in his bedroom.


That pretty much happened in every contracts level

especially the Bjarkhov Bomb.

it is a quintessential Hitman level;

  • many ways to kill your targets (poison, sniping, bombing, pillow to the face)

  • perfect amount of complexity to the layout + several secret paths
    (the “stretching” complaint is a non-point imo, it’s just as open as it needs to be + this is nothing compared to WOA levels)

  • guard patrols add perfect level of intensity to navigation + “who might you be”
    (always holding my breath when picking a lock to escape outside)

  • just one extra objective that isn’t too much and adds to the experience

  • haunting atmosphere and setting

  • distraction opportunities (e.g. turning off the showers hot water)

  • good use of animals (guards “release the hounds” when alarmed)

If I were given a choice where to live in the world of Hitman, Beldingford Manor would be among my top choices.

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