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I’ve played Hitman since my childhood, Hitman Codename 47, I love this game and the game always felt real for me, because it has a realistic atmosphere, actions and … . But there has been always some stuff in this game, even now, that don’t seem realistic. So I will write my opinion and the things I like to see in FUTURE HITMAN GAMES and there is something I have to mention before getting started. The things that I’m gonna mention, maybe you would think I’m focusing too much about very small details, maybe unimportant details, but I will just write my opinion in case anyone from the community or developers are interested. So let’s get started, but I don’t know if I have everything I want to say right now in my mind so this topic it will be updated and edited.

1. Doors
1st. Doors open in both ways which doesn’t make sense. So if agent 47 or NPCs are entering a room, the door will open into the room, but if agent 47 or NPCs are leaving that very same room by the very same door, the door will open in the outside.
2nd. NPCs don’t investigate doors. For example, if you are entering a room and the room is a trespassing area for you, you open the door and you stand behind it and NPCs are in the room and they can see the door, they see the door is opened but no one is coming, but they don’t investigate the door. This doesn’t make sense.
3rd. The doors are closed automatically which doesn’t make sense. If you open a door and don’t close it, it shouldn’t be closed automatically
4th. When agent 47 or NPCs are going to open a door, you don’t see them using their hands. Doors just open and close magically.
The best physics with doors I have seen in a game, is in Splinter Cell which I think, I repeat I think, doesn’t have the issues I have mentioned.

2. Inventory
1st. Agent 47 can carry limitless items with himself which doesn’t make sense at all. He can carry limitless number of wrenches, crowbars, pistols, and so on. The inventory must be limited.
2nd. Beside the inventery being limited, the player should see where agent 47 hustle his guns and other items and because of this, it doesn’t make sense for agent 47 having two or three pistols or other items in his bags or I don’t know where. The physics for him pulling the gun out or hustling guns or pulling out and hustling other items should be very clear, for example in Hitman Absolution, when you wanted to load your pistol into the agent 47 hands, they magically appeared in his hands with no animation, but in this game the animations are better but not perfect. It has to be some structure for holding the guns and items. Something like this:

3. Investigating Blood
If you kill someone directly, I mean not by accident, with any gun, the blood would not be investigated and that doesn’t make sense.

4. Briefcases
Briefcases are useful items in the game but beside their usage, they have weird animations and weird physics. They can be used for lot of customizations and nice touches in the game, I have limitless ideas about them but I will just upload some pictures to show my point.


5. Bodyguards
Whenever you isolate and eliminate your targets, after elimination, their bodyguards just go away. Yes I know some VIP bodyguards in Hitman 3 will search for their client but it’s not enough. Their client, the target, has disappeared but after some searching, bodyguards just give up and they will do nothing. I think, logically, there should be an alarm going on after disappearing of targets and guards should go in high alert and search everywhere for the target.

6. Clothes Bag
Whenever agent 47 changes his clothes a bag appears there, which you can see and agent 47 can see that but NPCs weirdly can’t see that. I think NPCs should be able to see that and it’s a very suspicious item so there must be an option to carry that bag and somehow hide that. NPCs should be able to see it because of course it is a suspicious item; someone has disguised here. And if the see that, you should lose you SA and an alarm going on.

So I think it’s enough for tonight, I have thousands of ideas to make this game more realistic, but honestly I don’t know if anyone, anyone, is interested about my points here, so if I got good feedbacks I will continue to write about my ideas about this game.


Quite a few of your ideas are good and have been brought up before on this forum. I know people have mentioned blood spills, inventory, briefcases, etc.

The only one I’d really disagree with, in terms of realism, is the doors. My garage door closes itself. There are self-opening doors. Doors are made that open in both directions. I do agree that an open door could be investigated, but all in all, the doors aren’t a big problem for me.

I like the idea of carrying one disguise with you. I don’t think it should be more than one though.


The big problem developers always have is realism vs gameplay and fun. I totall get your points and many if not all of them make sense, but I think some of them would make Hitman a less enjoyable game… Old discussion: You have to eat in a game, great survival. Do you have to use the toilet? Or if you kill someone’s friend or husband etc in a game, it is great to see them react differently then if it only was a stranger - but should the developer also script the funeral? etc

But good points! I would add: Different clothing sizes so you can’t just dress as everyone, also guards should chase your own blood drips if you got shot, so you can’t just run into the next room and hide in a closet after a shootout. (both features that would make the game more annoying tho)


Game developers will hate you.

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Why? I’m just trying to help

You know, for me the fun is the reality and the more a game is far from reality I’ll get more annoyed. So I prefer a hard gameplay but more realistic. Your points are also very good and I have thousands of these realistic ideas, but i don’t know writing them would help or not.

I also have ideas about instinct, meaning 47 should not be able to see through walls, or the mini map shouldn’t be a live one…

Ever played Miasmata?

You can disable both instinct and the mini map if you want the challenge for yourself.

What about if i want mini map, but not live? (Not seeing NPCs on it)[quote=“Diana47, post:10, topic:15221, full:true”]

You can disable both instinct and the mini map if you want the challenge for yourself.

Then you’re shit out of luck?

:)))))) im just making some point to make future game like more realistic