Unable to access Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 missions

I’m playing on Series X. I own both the first two games, I have managed to download the H1 GOTY and H2 Standard passes for H3, but I’m still unable to play any missions from the first two games. When I try to load a mission from H1, the game hangs/crashes during the load screen. H2 missions are all still greyed out with the “Get Access” message on all of them. Attempting to load them just prompts me to go back to the MS store to buy the H2 Standard Pass I already own (and have installed) for £54.99.

I actually have all of the H2 content installed on an external drive. I tried to move it over to the internal drive (where I have H3 installed) hoping that might do the trick, but that hasn’t worked either.

Anyone else managed to figure this out, is this just some sort of bug that is being worked on?

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You’re in the same boat as me. All the Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 missions are greyed out for me as well.

I’ve done the update “Hitman 3 Access Pack: Hitman 2 expansion” and it’s still not working :expressionless:

In game states it’s free, however, Microsoft store is charging actual money.

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Just thought I’d post an update. I noticed that the pass I downloaded last night was the “Access Pass: Hitman 2 Expansion” pass, which if I’m understanding this correctly isn’t the same as the “Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass” I need.

I decided to delete all Hitman 2 content from my HD and start over again. Following the guide on the IOI site, downloaded the starter pack and accessed the in-game store from within Hitman 2 as instructed. There doesn’t appear to be anything called “Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass” in the in-game store. The closest thing to that I can find is just “Hitman 2 Standard Edition”, which is showing as being £54.99 (tried adding to basket to see if it would change, but it didn’t).

Can anyone please tell me if I’m doing something wrong? Or is it just a case of waiting for them to fix something at their end?

Ok, so I started from scratch again, this time installing just what was on the disc, no expansions, no updates. Loaded up Hitman 2 and the “Hitman 3: Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass” appeared straight away in the main menu (didn’t even have to go into the store), now listed as free. Downloaded that and then tried loading up Miami in Hitman 3. All working.

Now to get the Hitman 1 stuff working… :smiley:

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