Unable to connect to the HITMAN servers after progression carry (PS4)

I was (finally) able to get the progression carry to work, but now I can’t connect to the Hitman servers :frowning:

“Unable to connect to the HITMAN service. Failed to fetch profile information from the HITMAN server. For more information, contact HITMAN support”.

Well, how do I contact their support?!


I believe the servers are down, I couldn’t get into the progression carry-over earlier, decided to check 3 out in the meantime. Was playing fine, then just went offline. Can’t get back on. So, I don’t think it has anything to do on your/our end…

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Game server is struggling on Stadia too right now. Game loads fine but it can’t get into Online mode right now, only Offline play.

same exact thing here, like servers are up, but i can’t connect and i’ve tried for 10 min straight

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After 3 days, still no updates from IO???

In ps4 they said delete the data in hitman 3, it works for me, I have connection now :+1:

You mean your save files?

I’m having the same problem as well. I’m on PS4. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, deleted my save files, and still can’t connect to the servers! I just bought the game on Thursday. If I still can’t connect within a week, I’m going to request a refund.

Yes just delete and it’s working :+1:

Yep, same problem exactly, I haven’t been able to connect ever.

To add insult to injury, the 2nd used on my PlayStation has zero issues whatsoever, so it’s obviously not a problem at my end.

I suspect something has gone wrong with the linking of io to the PlayStation accounts, because unlinking accounts isn’t working either.

Still can’t connect after today’s server maintenance (PS4, UK)

Suddenly having problems connecting to Hitman 3 server from my new Xbox Series X, but no problem from my older Xbox One X ?? Both were working fine until Wed 7th April, now suddenly having problems. Given a choice I would rather it worked on my newer console and not the older one. Has anyone had similar issues ?