Unable to get access to hokkaido

just bought a used hitman definitive edition (ps4) and I’m unable to access the Hokkaido missions. the disc didn’t come with any redeem code as it was already used and in the overview/trophies section the only add on i get is Paris even tho I already have access to it. is there any way I can get access to Hokkaido?

There are no way for you to access Hokkaido in Hitman 2016.
Sorry about that.

The ps4 disc does not contain the Hokkaido data (for reference, the xbox one disc misses both Colorado and Hokkaido).
With no unused code to redeem them, you would have had to buy them on the store. Which you currently cannot do, as Hitman 2016 has been fully delisted in January 2023.

There was a way to redeem an access pass with the disc, to then play the full content in Hitman 3 (including through the Free Starter Pack), but it was also discontinued in January 2023.

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I wouldn’t recommend searching for someone selling an unused code either. H1 and H2 had a bunch of codes get broken with the delisting.

ie if someone buys a brand new, sealed Gold Edition of H2 for PS4, the code doesn’t grant access to any DLC except one of the cosmetic packs. No New York, Haven, Sniper maps etc.


Not a good idea to buy pre-used games