Uncommon dialogues in Contracts

Here’s some fairly rare or easily-missed dialogue from everyone’s favourite (2004) Hitman game, Contracts! Some are incredibly minor, but hey ho. And sorry I couldn’t be bothered to take photos or videos, but you can always check them out yourselves.

Many of you may know these already, but maybe there’s some you won’t. Enjoy!


On the 2nd floor is a patient you can chat to (as long as you have a syringe)

PATIENT: Help me, sir, please. I can’t stop shaking, sir. Please
47: I can’t help you
PATIENT: You can! You’ve got the needle. Give it to me. You help me and I will help, sir
47: Here, just take it
PATIENT: Thank you, sir, and you take this (it’s AMMO)


You can chat to the bartender with three different outfits…

BARTENDER: Yes, what do you want?
OPIUM 47: The bosses’ girls…they pass right out, don’t they?
BARTENDER: Yeah, yeah, it’s true. One sniff to the pipe and they’re gone
OPIUM 47: Hmm; then I’d better serve them. They look so tired

BARTENDER: So, Sturrock is hungry again, eh?
BUTCHER 47: Yeah, I better bring him some food
BARTENDER: Yeah, he’s in chicken mood today. Bring him some chicken

BARTENDER: Special tonight is Bloody Mary. You will be having one?
GUEST 47: No thanks. Where’s our guest of honour?
BARTENDER: Who can know? I’ve seen one of his girls down here, but I don’t know, maybe he’s eating. Always eats alone, you see. Even girls must leave him when he eats. I do not know, I am only a bartender

After a while Puscus goes to the bathroom. If you follow as a guest, his guard stops you.
GUARD: Sorry, private. Use other bathrooms

It takes aaages, but the two targets eventually meet and talk. Here’s someone’s video of it as I can’t be bothered to transcribe…


If you dress up as the journalist and follow the biker and his lady friend into the ground floor bedroom…
GUARD: Hey! Get lost!

If you dress up as the journalist but don’t bring the money envelope to Van Leuven, one of 47’s most badass lines occurs…
VAN LEUVEN: Let’s cut to the chase. Show me the money
47: You don’t need money where you’re going


If you chat to the strip club hooker after the car has already left, you get unique dialogue…

HOOKER: Like what you see?
47: I was thinking of a gift for a friend, but it looks like he’s left
HOOKER: What a sweet thought, honey. But what about you?
47: Thanks, but no thanks

If you dress as a bellboy, approach Fuchs’ room but forget the towels…

47: Clean towels for Mr. Wulffe!
GUARD: I don’t think so. Get lost!

As a random bonus, if you shoot the glass in the biker clubhouse and run into it, 47 scales the wall like a Matrix reject. Look at him go!

Any other rare dialogues I’ve missed? Let me know…


Wow. Some of these are new to me. When I get home I am going to try them especially the one in the asylum

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