Unpopular opinions about Hitman

my brother is 17 years older than me, he actually played the first game when it was released, before i was even born.
Thus no, this cannot be possibly just myself

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you can vault over any low walls? that’s genuinely news to me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

cover is for staying out of sight and still being able to see what’s ahead.

if you needed to look down a corridor without being seen in bm, you would walk up to the wall and angle the camera. maybe crouch. it looked dopey compared to using the cover system in woa or absolution, which also allows you to switch cover smoothly and shoot enemies/throw items while remaining hidden.

so, no, you don’t have to do that in woa. i think it’s an excellent addition in terms of both gameplay and ‘immersion’.

you have to be shitting me. it’s basically a large room with a target in the middle :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

as you may be able to tell, i really hated end of the road. it’s one of the many levels of absolution that felt like nothing. i played it thinking “why am i even doing this?”

for me, a good hitman level is basically promenade theatre. it’s a sandbox space that ‘feels’ real and has a clockwork diorama going on within it. the game then let’s the player prod at the world and become a spanner in the works in any number of ways, often by using the environment or items to manipulate npc behaviour in a beneficial way.

it needs to have myriad different ways to complete the hit. the environment needs to work seamlessly with mission design and be robust and open enough to accommodate the player’s imagination, not just the developer’s. it needs an array of spatial puzzles. it needs chokepoints that require the player to traverse an interesting, hazardous space, though they also need multiple solutions to overcome.

there’s loads more to it, but i’m too lazy write them all :wink:

mumbai, basically.

it certainly is when you’re a relatively small studio that is on a budget and is releasing a live service game based on a property which has almost always been designed around replaying the same levels in different ways.

phew! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

the maps were designed with multiple uses in mind. regardless of whether you ignore that fact or not, it is literally a principle part of their design. :man_shrugging:t4:


I actually like Untouchable as final mission. Not as level, but as final mission it’s great. However, if I would to design final level for H3, I would do a tanker level, in international oceans.


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Player creativity flourishes more with less developer intended kills rather than having 35 accident kills/m².

I love WOA and I do think it’s the pinnacle of the series so far but I can’t help but be overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of options available in each level. When I have a hundred options for each target, why should I care when I discover yet another chandelier drop or yet another secluded area where I can dispatch them? There have been many before it and there will be many after it; it simply loses value, much like how with money, inflation sets in when there’s too much of it flowing (I’m not an economist, don’t strangle me).

This is why Golden Handshake is one of my favourite levels in this game. Each kill opportunity feels worthy of my time, each approach feels like it’s ‘mine’ rather than blindly following the benevolent ghosts of the developers guiding me everywhere.

I’m not some masochistic gatekeeping stealth god who plays every game on expert difficulty with no HUD nor am I a legacy Hitman nut who thinks the older games have no faults. I simply want to explore a level, discover something on my own and then proceed to take advantage of it without the developers breathing down my neck saying ‘good boy, now go do X’.

It’s not even a problem of playing with all gameplay HUD elements on, as my complaints lie with the overall gameplay loop. Every area feels carefully crafted just to accomodate whatever kill method I can think of, making no idea special simply because I can’t shake the feeling I barely figured any of this out on my own but was rather just subtly guided to it.

Hitman 3 looks like it caught on to this ‘less is more’ approach (at least on the surface) but I haven’t played it to say much about it.

Just want to end this by repeating that WOA is not bad by any means and I still consider it to be objectively the best in the franchise even if Contracts is my personal favourite.

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Couldn’t have said it any better.

I play with no minimap and no instinct, (I turn instinct on in contracts, of course).

It’s quite the experience, especially if you’re playing a map for the first time.
Not knowing where targets go is just a chefs kiss imo, reminds me of playing C47, aimlessly running around trying to find the target.


Here are more of my unpopular opinions that I wanted to get out there:

1, Hitman 2016 had the best soundtrack overall, though H2 is a close second.
2. Mumbai is an underrated level/dosen’t get much credit and it’s large and convoluted design is what puts it in S tier for me, not to mention the sick mission stories, especially the Kashmirian.

EDIT (forgot to put this one in) - 3. Hitman 2016’s briefings were the best because of the music and their short and brief length but H2 briefings had better visuals.


Dunno, I think there are many that consider Mumbai a very good level, there have been several polls with best levels and it was pretty high on the list :smiley:
Number one though…


Pffft. Pretty sure what Kotti mostly don’t like about is the inconsistent mechanics (head turning, bins, etc).

Want to respect your opinion but tbh, cannot take you seriously at all. Nearly think that you are a troll :sweat_smile:.

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mumbai is the best level in the entire series.



I respect your opinion and won’t dissuade you from it, but I’ll have to respectfully say you are wrong.


i’m grateful because i simply don’t have the energy to argue the toss tonight :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

what’s your favourite, chief?

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I want to know too, Blakey Boy.


I’m a Hokkaido type of guy. It’s the only map that made me think and because of it I’ll love it forever.

But for the sake of my bias.

HITMAN 2016: Hokkaido

HITMAN 2: Haven Island (shirtless Tommy Bahama 47 any day)

HITMAN 3: Berlin.

Peace is non-negotiable if you keep that up.




I feel like Berlin is a good location but very underwhelming as a Mission.

and what’s your favorite, non WoA Missions? Top 3?


that’s one fine ass looking list.


do this one! do this one!


I know, the interesting questions! Who gives a fuck about nu hitman :stuck_out_tongue:

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so absolutely true and utterly based, im happy to see people share this opinion as i felt i was one of the only ones