Until next time. Stay Frosty!

Hey everyone!

I’ve come to a decision about my time at IOI. After much consideration, I’ve decided to embark on a new adventure. While I’m sad to leave IOI, I’m also equally excited about the challenges and possibilities that lies ahead.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent here, and the connections I’ve made with the team and you our fantastic community have been truly special. Being your MMA fighter from within, striving to provide you the ultimate Hitman experience, has been an absolute dream job, and I’ll cherish it dearly. HITMAN 3 and Freelancer would not have been the same without all of you. Thank you!

Throughout this journey, I’ve made wonderful friends both within the studio and online. Working with incredibly talented moderators, creative contract creators, speedrunners, and passionate fans has been an unforgettable experience. I’m going to miss all of you.

Thank you all for making this chapter of my life freaking awesome. Gosh I love HITMAN :heart:

Until next time. Stay Frosty!


Congratulations and Best Wishes Clemens on your new role.
I still remember the youtube videos on 7 Deadly Sins. Hope you stay in the forum as a hitman fan (like us).


noo Clemens don’t leave us :cry: best of luck Clemens you were goat in the hiyman community


Have a good one @Clemens_IOI ! Best of luck for the rest of your career.

A master of his craft, his work went completely seen. He shows in videos, strikes publicly, his window of opportunity was actually really flexible, his presentation perfect. He uses the finest hat to present the greatest work. He is meticulous, had normal resources, he is definitively creative, and quite traceable. He lives in a world of communication, and when it makes you know, there is only hype.

(knew the deletion of the twitter handle meant something like that)


I wish you all the best Clemens. Thank you for entertaining us and keeping us all updated on a game we all love dearly.

Until we speak again =)


I’m sad to see you leave, but wish you the best of luck with whatever comes next.

I think everyone would agree that you’ve been great for the Hitman community as a whole, and future Hitman videos won’t be the same without you.

I at least hope we get one final roadmap video for one last hurrah.

Good luck Clemens!


WHOA :cry:

(Just before IOI is apparently gonna celebrate an anniversary too? Aw man that’s sad timing…)

We’re gonna miss your amazing, positive energy! :sparkling_heart: Best of luck for wherever you go next, buddy! You’re a legend!


I wish you alla the best Clemens. I really liked too 7DS promotional videos


Your amazing energy and personality, both in videos you’ve made and in comments on here, will be big shoes for your successor to fill!


Aww, we’ll miss your fun energy that you brought to the Hitman community, Clemens. Your 7 Deadly Sins and roadmap videos were both informative and hilarious. Not to mention, the iconic duo that is you and Travis made the livestreams fun.

I understand though, sometimes a change of scenery can be exciting and just what’s needed.

Anyway - I wish you the best on your future endeavors beyond IOI and we’ll never forget you or your cool choices in headgear, Clemdogs! Good luck :blue_heart::four_leaf_clover:


We’ll all miss you Clemens! I am going to miss you at IOI and the Hitman videos. I wish you best of luck!


Goodbye, good luck with your new endeavors!


Shame you had to go Clemdogs. Thanks for the memories :pray::pensive:


Good luck in the next stage of your career, man. Thanks for all your help and communication with the IO team over the years, job well done. The money has been wired to your account.

(You guys don’t think all the complaints about the game made him decide to leave, do you? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)


Sad to see you go, but best of luck in the future.


Just because you’re leaving IoI doesn’t mean you have to leave HMF. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will you/did you hear this music while leaving?

It was nice to have you as a representative of the community to IOI. Such a personable and friendly/cordial personality and everyone’s buddy. You’ll be missed, Clemens. Good luck/God Speed in whatever endeavor awaits you. :saluting_face:


Aw that’s sad news to hear!

You did a great job out there, wishing you the best for your next adventures.

Bon voyage Clemens and thank you for your devoted work :heart:


Thank you for your work on our favorite Series @Clemens_IOI :v:

In my head canon you’re leaving IO because they refuse to Remaster Codename 47 and therefore I fully understand and support your decision :broken_heart:

But seriously, i wish you all the best for your future and hope you’ll still be around at HMF, from now on as just @Clemens_ :wink:


Mange tak @Clemens_IOI for alt du har gjort for vores lille andedam. Du har bragt en fed energi til denne fandom. Jeg håber at du fremadrettet vil forsætte med at besøge HMF, ikke som IOI ræsepentant men som fan. Hvis jeg husker rigtig så har du haft en kærlighed for denne serie fra før du fik dit daglige virke hos IO. Hvis ikke, så er du selvfølgelige velkommen alligevel.

Jeg har nydt at møde dig, de gange jeg har besøgt jeres H.Q i vores hovedstad. Du har været et sjovt og energisk bekendskab.

God vind fremover og alt det bedste.