Untouchable Discussion

What are peoples thoughts on the last mission? I’ve just had a quick go on every location while waiting to be able to carry over progression. I hate this mission and will play it to get the unlocks and then never play it again. Feels like they just threw together the easiest mission they could with 0 imagination to me.

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0 imagination? wow. literally the first level on a moving train in Hitman history. i guess that’s not creative enough :joy:


Just because it hasn’t been done before in a hitman game doesn’t suddenly make it creative. It’s so linear and boring. I honestly struggled to complete it once so not looking forward to playing it again.


Just because it’s linear doesn’t suddenly make it not creative.

sure, if you don’t like linear levels then it makes sense that you don’t like it. i think thats just how it is :slight_smile: we all have our preferences


Of course we do, that’s why I’m asking what other people thought about it. I personally hate it and just don’t think it has any replay value at all. I’m interested to see other peoples opinions.

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personally i think it has more replay value than i expected tbh. i thought it was just gonna be a linear one off level, but it’s quite cinematic. and it actually has a few more routes and disguises than i expected. plus there’s a ton of items in Edward’s part of the train, its quite nice


I liked it, it was fun doing Suit Only on, yes it’s not got loads of replayability, but it was a good ending to the game and trilogy and when you’re playing through all the missions it’s a change from the sandbox levels


I would love to see a suit only run on this. Was it difficult? I honestly just got bored and killed my way through as quick as possible. Maybe a different approach might make it less of a drag on my part.

suit only is the best way to play this mission IMO. give it a try. it makes the level feel a little more complex


I definitely will. Just taking a break for now while I wait to be able to carry over progression.

The moment when 47 opens the door and you realize you are on a train is freakin‘ amazing!
The rest of the level is okay. I rushed through it to be honest.

Will play it proper once my progress is transferred.

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Yes, that was pretty cool. If there were better gun and hand to hand combat mechanics it might have been more enjoyable. Unfortunately nothing has really changed since Hitman 1. I’ll give the suit only run a go when it decides to start working properly.

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I liked it. Run doesn’t count unless you did the whole train ride shirtless.

I liked how the music swells when you climb out a window and into the blizzard, and then calms back down again when you climb back inside. Its not something I think I’d come back to often once I’ve done all the challenges, but its a fun diversion from the usual format.


The bit where the only way forward is to make him just stoically walk along the side of a train moving at high speed was amazing and awesome characterisation IMO.

I’m going to need to confirm it through replays but it very much as that feel to me that this is going to be like the finale of Silent Assassin, where although there is pretty much no requirement to be stealthy - a portion of the fanbase are going to challenge themselves to do it the most absurdly ghost-like way possible.


As much as I dislike this mission I am actually looking forward to seeing how others approach it. I think you’re right, people are going to have some crazy runs on this one.

The lab part was neat, the single-use items were a smart idea, but yeah by the 3rd or 4th car full of guards I was completely checked out. Some of my favourite games ever made, capped off with a big wet fart

Edit: I’m not against a linear Hitman game in principle, but can you even imagine ending this trilogy of games on a literal railroad


As much as the train ride bit is good. The dream sequence bit is great imo. I’ve always kinda turned my nose up at dream stuff in films/TV but IO really nailed it here. When 47 is surrounded by all the targets he’s killed in the main missions :ok_hand:


I must be crap then, I only play on Master mode and it was the hardest out of all 6 missions :S

I still didn’t like it though, they needed more sections like the lab and staff bit, and maybe about 5000 less carriages of guards

As someone who spent most of H2 in contracts mode, obviously I think they should have made a different map, I would have taken Hawke’s Bay or Colorado Mk II over this any day.


Best part of the mission IMO.

The mission itself wasn’t very good. Very linear and the carts started to get repetitive some time after playing.

I have no incentive of replaying it unless it’s for the other endings.


Yeah, they did maybe drop the ball there. They had a perfect chance to do an exposition dump with this being a Providence HQ train and formerly Janus’ HQ. Could’ve just placed loads of documents around for us to pick up and get cool intel… Instead the only items were rusty nails and crowbars :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I respect IO for making a level that is clearly supposed to be linear and very story driven. But they didn’t utilise it to its full potential and people are right, the guard cars did manage to get repetitive