Update Sapienza Background

Hi, just a small nitpick here. Sapienza’s background lighting got updated back in February 2021 in Hitman 3, but the site retains the Hitman 2 look. Here are the two for comparison:


Wow, seeing a side by side comparison like that really shows what a big difference there is.

(Well, I guess in this case it’s technically not a side by side comparison. More of a bottom to top comparison I suppose. But you get my point)

However you look at it, I agree an update would be nice. Perhaps in the one scheduled for next week? But I suspect something like that will probably stay the way it is. I’ve seen other people point out both some subtle and not so subtle differences before, and they’ve not ever been updated. Considering the game’s age and their focus moving to the new 007 game, they probably see it as taking up more time and resources than it’s worth.

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Pretty sure this is about the background image used for the Sapienza category on this forum, not in-game.

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