Updated Terms of Services and Guidelines

Well, it’s been about five years so they probably needed some updates - particularly since real life elements (ie I haven’t failed any classes at Law school) place higher expectations on me. So, I went through and applied some changes.

Nothing in it dramatically changes the way the site operates, or the viability etc, but it is clearer, more accurate and now focuses on some of the issues of our times (AI content, scams that saturate the Internet, etc)

(Thank you to @Urben for prompting me to do this by the way)

Minor tweaks may follow as inevitably the moment I hit “post” I will think of something I could have done better.

Terms of Service

  • Updating wording to be more specific about ownership and fix references to “the company” since I am not registering a company just to host this (this doesn’t really impact the viability of the terms, FYI - it just makes it less awkward)
  • Added permission for web crawlers that are for the purpose of public good archiving
  • Added no AI material clause
  • Added no promoting financial schemes based in deregulations (ie no crypto, no AI business scams, no MLMs)
  • Added rule regarding posting data-mined material only in the correct place
  • Updated mandatory arbitration (which is never going to happen) to use New Zealand rules, not American, because it’s more consistent even though it is frankly never going to happen.

Forum Guidelines

  • Clarified that “post only your own stuff” also means “no AI” and “no removing creator credit”

Please feel free to ask any questions or provide any feedback.