Urben’s Legacy Contracts

Hello everyone!

Some of you remember this thread from the old Hitman Forum. For those who don’t, you will learn what this is shortly after this paragraph I added today. Let me just thank @PapaLevy recreated them on PC/PS/Stadia and @Quartz_tan on XB. This was much much easier to do with my tool as it required each contract only to be recreated once ingame. Every remaining system needed only a few clicks after that. Still, thank you two for making this in record time!

In H2016 I was a happy contract creator as I ended up having 20 contracts featured. It is still crazy reading that. Because I think many of them are not just randomly picked but actually enjoyable, I recreated them, tweaked some to make their ideas work within H2 and asked @MulletPride to recreate them for consoles. Thanks for that!
Still half of my contracts did not make it. Either because new items killed the puzzle or because the contracts were honestly just bad. The final list contains 5 Sapienza, 5 Marrakesh and 2 Hokkaido contracts. Happy hunting!

H2016 Featured Contracts

I am not sure what made @Travis_IOI feature so many contracts of mine. I tried to make them stand out with custom images and put a lot of thoughts into them. As that seemed to do the trick, I also tried to be responsible with that privilege and improve the contract quality with each submission.


PC: 1-03-9812117-53 – PS: 2-03-9666186-00 – XB: 3-03-2866639-69 – Stadia: 1-03-8703962-13
:it: :cityscape: Kill two gardeners in your suit with the Battle Axe and Old Axe

After a violent conflict, two competitors in axe-long-throw were disqualified from the Italian championship. Each one blames the other and filled in a contract to get their rival assassinated. The Agency got the amusing idea to fulfill their wishes by faking simultaneous long-throw kills with their axes across the bay.

Look for the axes at their workplaces and use it to kill the respective target at the other side of Sapienza.


PC: 1-06-8832418-53 – PS: 2-06-2341546-00 – XB: 3-06-1985046-69 – Stadia: 1-06-4317132-13
:morocco: :cityscape: Kill five soldiers in your suit with thrown melee, don’t let bodies or yourself be spotted

The Tunnel Snakes are only the baddest gang here. Like you don’t know. We rule this place, and what we say goes. You’ll stay out of our way, if you know what’s good for you. If you mess with the Tunnel Snakes, you’re asking for it. Got me? But if you want to hang with the Tunnel Snakes, you gotta be hard. Prove it by cleaning out the tunnels from these nasty Radroaches and you’ll get one of our badass jackets!
PS: The Overseer refuses to give us guns, so use something else instead.


PC: 1-03-1349061-53 – PS: 2-03-0174086-00 – XB: 3-03-2982324-69 – Stadia: 1-03-9634947-13
:it: :cityscape: Kill the hippie with fall, no KO and hide all bodies

This hippie smokes weed twentyforseven.
Make him keep that shit in the closet fortyseven.

BernardoOne loves this contract.

"SOUQ NOIR" (click)

PC: 1-07-3599422-53 – PS: 2-07-3171419-00 – XB: 3-07-6778218-69 – Stadia: 1-07-5157333-13
:morocco: :night_with_stars: Kill two bodyguards and two waiters with fiber wire

Booming music, strong smell of tobacco and noise of capitalism incarnate. The noise of the beast. In the form of hundreds of wealthy tourists, the locals are giving away their smiles and hopes to the beast. And while most of them will later go to bed, some will have to answer the one question: Is it worth it?

The answer has to be found quickly, their time in the light is limited and the darkness pulls them further into the throat of the beast.


PC: 1-06-9674915-53 – PS: 2-06-2521338-00 – XB: 3-06-9161498-69 – Stadia: 1-06-2334164-13
:morocco: :cityscape: Kill three securities in your suit

Two security targets inside and one outside the Swedish consulate. Good Luck!

(This was the original briefing. Well, since there is plenty of space left here, I want to shoutout Mendie who grinded this contract alot during tough times. Stay strong my friend!)


PC: 1-10-9741276-53 – PS: 2-10-2482886-00 – XB: 3-10-5236334-69 – Stadia: 1-10-5107959-13
:jp: :cityscape: Kill Portman as un-bandaged Portman with SMG and three others in any way

You thought what you’d do was, you’d pretend you were one of those face-burnt. Everybody’d think you were just a poor face-burnt bastard and they’d leave you alone.
We thought what we’d do was, we’d be left alone by those face-burnt as well. We were not wrong, but in the end you did just pretend you were one of those face-burnt.


PC: 1-06-3672304-53 – PS: 2-06-3677962-00 – XB: 3-06-2096120-69 – Stadia: 1-06-1090234-13
:morocco: :cityscape: Kill a soldier, a security and a waiter in any way, don’t change your disguise

Start at the Swedish Consulate, Zaydan’s compound or the Shisha Bar. You will find each of the targets there, just waiting to die by your hands. But the true skill is required for the next two targets because after you have chosen with which disguise you start, you are not allowed to change it anymore.

Master Assassins start in their suit.

Curated H2016 Featured Contracts

It was not always Travis who picked many of my contracts. In these cases it was also @Hatch (interview), @GuLe (interview) and @Quine (interview). Each of them mentions my contract in their interview but it is generally worth to read them.


PC: 1-10-4881345-53 – PS: 2-10-7403695-00 – XB: 3-10-2170714-69 – Stadia: 1-10-1858112-13
:jp: :cityscape: Kill a surgeon as surgeon with melee and a bodyguard in your suit with thrown scissors

One booze night, Portman’s relieving his surgical pains with Dexter. Dexter tells him of a rumor that Helmut Kruger is responsible for several murders in Paris. Since then, Kruger has disappeared.
The next morning, Portman panics. Will he be sacrificed as a doppelganger to protect Kruger? He’s hiring the ICA to kill his doctor and his bodyguard. The complex restrictions are intended to create chaos at GAMA so that Portman can escape.
But chaos is not expected from a top agent.


PC: 1-05-1792530-53 – PS: 2-05-5252997-00 – XB: 3-05-2579884-69 – Stadia: 1-05-8735509-13
:it: :night_with_stars: Kill a security in any way, a security as security and a movie crew as movie crew, no KO

How often do you have to run up there?

BRONZE: 2 times
SILVER: 1 time
GOLD: not once

"ALLEY BULLY" (click)

PC: 1-06-6727741-53 – PS: 2-06-7529242-00 – XB: 3-06-0459913-69 – Stadia: 1-06-1804533-13
:morocco: :cityscape: Kill two soldiers in your suit, hide all bodies and don’t change your disguise

Darwish, Zafir and Yahya did not think that they will be inside their school again. They are having fun with the old stories but little did they know that one of Zaydan’s soldiers was also one of their mobbing victims.
He still can’t confront them himself and asked us. He wants you to put them into lockers like they did with him. But because he fears that you, if spotted, tell them that he’s the client, he requested to use your suit. Then you just will be shot immediately. Nice of him, isn’t it?

Special H2016 Contracts

These two contracts are special in another way so they deserve to be in this list as well. The upper was my very first contract I ever created and surprisingly is not bad enough to be locked away. The bottom contract was created by @Pagan as part of his paradigm series which honors popular people who are involved in the contract mode as a player or creator.


PC: 1-03-4622484-53 – PS: 2-03-6608709-00 – XB: 3-03-4648874-69 – Stadia: 1-03-7515597-13
:it: :cityscape: Kill three civilians in your suit with a folding knife

Our client wants three shops in the city, once owned by a man before another hitman sank the man’s ship using ancient cannons. (Stop doing such crazy stuff!)
Suddenly three bastards showed up and got the shops by his will. These are your targets.
Make it look like one of them, G. Onio, went crazy and killed the other two and then himself. All of them are near the shops. Trick them in, kill them with a knife from the father and leave it on Onio’s body. It must lay around in one of the shops.


PC: 1-03-2221103-53 – PS: 2-03-0983575-00 – XB: 3-03-0328908-69 – Stadia: 1-03-4735008-13
:it: :cityscape: Kill five people in different ways and different disguises

Pagan made this contract for me. He wrote this:

Who did steal Urben’s sick stolen sunglasses?
Me? I don’t think so!
- Paradigm contracts might not be cool for speedrunners
- Favorite disguises, maps and weapons asked from dedicated paradigm players
- I arranged targets by myself
- Have fun!

gl&hf! Tell me if you find an error.

Things I changed from the H2016 versions
  • Dead Heat Finals : The original version had a delivery guy as the first target and instead of the suit requirement you had to be a delivery guy. Considering the challenge is getting the axes to the targets, I cut that out. Also, as both axe locations offer a suit starting location, this should give more routing freedom.
  • Tunnel Snakes Rule! : This contract had no complications. I added them to simulate the old SA rules as otherwise no outcome would cause SA to be lost.
  • The Marrakesh Triangle : I changed the soldier target to make the janitor and waiter start more attractive as he is a bit easier to reach.
  • The Portman Shuffle : Formerly you had to kill the surgeon with thrown melee. As you can do that on KO’d bodies now, I changed that to keep the pain. >:)
Featured Contracts which were not recreated
  • Vow of Silence : Sieker makes it too easy
  • Bodywork : Kalmer makes it too easy
  • Spyhole : Too linear with no room for variations
  • The Voyeur in the crowd : FE not being lethal ruins it
  • Sunglasses At Night : Just bad
  • NotLikeThis : Joke contract
  • Broken Shower : Too linear with no room for variations
  • At My Feet, On My Sheet : Became too easy in general with new items
  • The Vector: Water Tower : Too hard and the lures are probably not working anymore
  • Scope-Assisted TDF : Hardly working without 2 BCs

It was an honor to recreate them. And thanks to your amazing work with HCCE it was a breeze to remake on the other platforms.


You know, @Urben, if you wanted to torture the rest of us to death, why not go with something more subtle, like waterboarding, or lerprosy?

Paradigm contracts! old and gold days :sob: i glad you keeping this contract up, hoping your paradigm will be featured some day.


Ohhh I loved these. Thanks for this.

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Aw man, this reminds me of the glitch they fixed in Hitman 3. The one that allowed you to conceal a large weapon in your pocket. I remember using that glitch on this contract and beating the top time by a huge margin :joy:

This took me almost 2 hours :sob: I played this long back on Hitman 2, but had totally forgotten my strat.

Please excuse my tragic shooting at 2:22 mark :rofl:

The Urben Paradigm (3:40)

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Can we have Steam Versions of those Contracts pretty please? I know it should be just a few clicks with HCCE is you still have the source. Steam is using its own contract store.

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I am sure @PapaLevy has the json files and can remake them with the Steam demo. :wink:


I can send you a link to the Docs file I made, and there is the json there. I hope you have Hitman ok Steam. Then you can just remake them.


and done, in under just 10 minutes. IDs for Steam:













Are you going to add them to the post @Urben?