Urgent: Haven Island Radio song

Haven island Radio song from the bar. Where can I find it.

It’s not in the OST

Radio? The bar in the main non-trespassing area? Or the bar (with radio distraction) on the island where that oily boi does laps?

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The kitchen bar where vetrova meets you

Mexican tropical style

7:39 you hear it in the background

Maybe this? :man_shrugging:


Thanks you’re my hero

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You’re Welcome! I used a browser extension, AHA Music, Music Identifyer.

There’s a song on the radio in Paris. I think you can only hear it in H1. I’ve been wondering what song that was. It’s almost like a xylophone jazz tune. If I could find a video of it, maybe that Music Identifier could get it.

Edit: I have a video of my own with this music in it. I’m at work and can’t use… you know… the thing. :older_man:

But hopefully the music at 4:50 can be identified.


Nylon con nylon, tela, camara, harina con manteca :wink:

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