Use of Camera, Shortcuts and Keypads in H1 and H2 levels?

It would be nice if IOI could tweak some of the old levels to use new game mechanics such as the camera, since all H3 players now have it, or the Berlin/Chongqing style “bypass mission objective on second playthrough” mechanic that was actually present in H2 (for Colorado and Sgail, but not Whittleton Creek or Sapienza) and also to use keypad locks and shortcuts to open up levels (a little harder to implement). Tweaking the old games is probably not IOIs priority but this might be nice further down the line. Also I’d like to see the Absolution Chicago Sniper Challenge ported into the WOA since this was always a sort of extra and is essentially a proto-version of the Sniper levels from H1-H3.

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While I enjoy IO trying new mechanics out in H3 I don’t think implementing them in H2016/H2 levels would improve them. Thus it’s just not worth the time

Not to mention the backlash they get for changing the levels they’d inevitably get

Colorado was a forced exit at very end of a long mission, which people didn’t like. Sgail was always an optional objective

Whittleton Creek I agree is annoying sometimes to reply but it’s a fundamental part of how the level is expected to be played. Sapienza likewise. You can’t just remove all non-elimination objectives, imagine NY if it was only Savalas

But he does not want them to be removed. He wants them to be optional. I really can’t blame him.

Yes, it ruins the story-part of the game. But sometimes we replay missions for the kills, other times we do it for the story. If we play it for the story- then I believe most of us would choose to get the clues in WC, for the sake of the tale.

I do agree with you on Sapienza though; even though I tend to come off as an avid supporter of making the virus optional, it does serve as a prime justification for the mission itself.

I’d would still vote to make it optional if presented with a one-in-a-lifetime offer of making it optional forever. But I do think that people would choose to kill the virus more often than not - because it is objectively a pretty cool part of Sapienza.

As for the post in general, I say this: even though it will give me even more reasons to replay 2016 and 2018 maps I do not see this happening.

It would be awesome to see how IOI would implement persistent shortcuts in the earlier maps. I could definitely see it happen well for Miami because of the Kronstadt building, and maybe in Mumbai. Other than that I do not see how it could be done.

The Hitman 1 maps are just brilliant as they’ve ever been. No need for changes except maybe safes needing immersive keypads. They are mostly dense, accessible and designed in such a way that persistent shortcuts would seem out-of-place or straight out obsolete.

Make the safes open with keypads in Hitman 2, and give one shortcut for Miami, and maybe two for Mumbai (meant for Rangan and Shah).

Other than that I see no logical, nor natural placements for shortcuts in the older maps.

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You can recreate all the main missions with targets only in contracts mode tho :man_shrugging: easy peasy

I can think of a few places in most of the old levels where a persistent shortcut would have made sense in my first or second time playing them:

Paris - the window between the museum director’s office and the outside catwalk where the ladder goes to the 3rd floor - replace window with shortcut opened from the outside so you have to navigate through the attic to open it.
Paris - Replace the drain pipe closest in the back that goes all the way up with a ladder that can only be unlocked from the top.
Sapienza - replace the key-carded cliff-side door into the underground lab with a one-way door - opened from inside the lab.
Sapienza - replace the tower entrance by the flower truck with a ladder opened from inside the tower.
Bangkok - replace the entrance into the basement all the way to the left of the start position with a one-way door opened from inside the basement.

I’m not going to keep going with every location, but there are possible places that they could put them.


But you can’t unlock (all the) challenges via a solution like that.

True but you said the simplified versions should be there for replay. So if you’re at the point where you just want to replay the mission for just the kills and no story then I’d assume you’ve done most of the challenges

Also being able to complete challenges in a simplified version of the mission might not agree with some people too

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I don’t mind some of the upgrades provided in the previous games (example: suitcase from H2 to H1), but if I were to be honest… the implementation of the keypads (at least for me) are now more of an annoyance than something worth exploring. I truly hope they don’t add those to the previous legacy missions.

With the others: camera (I found this pretty useless in H3, besides the obligated use in the game) and shortcuts - which I liked, but not sure how you’d put this in the previous missions.

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In Sapienza it would be cool if they added a dongle to pick up in the mansion and use the camera to hack the laptop, i know you can just use the EMP but it gives an extra slot


While I don’t want actual game play changes it would have been cool if the older maps had new challenges based on the camera (assuming it worked properly and wasn’t bugged).

As it stands the camera has literally no use in the H1 and H2 levels yet we’re still forced to carry it. Maybe make me take a picture of something dumb like Marco Abiatti killing the priest or take a picture of Jeff in Hokkaido.

Heck, why doesn’t the camera work to read the micro-film in WC? How many examples of intel are there where 47 just reads a piece of paper. Make him take a photo instead and that would instantly give the camera a use for almost all of the H1 and H2 levels.


Some easter egg a.i. changes where the targets will make a peace sign and pose.

all i would really want are some photo challenges in the previous locations. i dont think it would be worth adding shortcuts and keypads and stuff

I could have sworn I read somewhere that they were going to add photo challenges to old maps. Maybe it will come in an update.

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I remember reading that too but I also remember reading a Predator themed challenge pack was coming to HITMAN 2 so I know things can change.


Oh man! I forgot about that. Damn, I was so hyped for that too :pensive:

i like the camera enough as the next best thing to a photo mode. i dont think they need to add anything new to old maps to justify its existence. but i wouldn’t complain if they did add some new challenges either

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I’d like it if they toned down the usage of the camera on chongqqing doors a bit, like if you’ve hacked tier 1 doors would automatically open like they did in hokkaido for certain suits. Or, we could have set shortcuts to certain inventory items.

I play a lot of hoarder runs and i end up having to go through the inventory 30 seconds at a time if i’m ‘fully loaded’. Could even give us prompt auto-use if we’re near it, like the electronic keycards.


If you pick up a tier two dongle it’d be nice if all tier one doors open automatically, and with tier three all tier two doors open automatically. But heres the weird bit, in the game it works almost the opposite where just having tier three wont work on tiers one and two