Vanisher - who is he?

Who is that Vanisher that some Delgado’s thugs talk about? Does 47 ever encounter him?

It’s the guy in Delgado’s basement in that small room in the middle with a security console, who keeps talking about how hard it is to fake passports and into the USA these days. Has an orange shirt, suspenders, something on his head that I’m not sure is bandages or some kind of turban or what.


He’s an associate of Grey’s Militia whose specialty is forging fake identities for people (and making their old identities “vanish”). At the time of Three-Headed Serpent he resides in the basement of Delgado’s mansion and is helping in “vanishing” the guy Delgado cartel kidnapped and interrogated earlier as a favour for Grey (since Grey doesn’t want to just kill him). The person in question was either an Ether employee or architect (Idr which one rn) who knew the layout of Ether’s Johannesburg facility, which was Militia’s next target as antidote needed to restore 47’s memories was there (if I got my lore right).
Vanisher’s dialogue implies he also helped getting Rose and co. into Colorado.


Great answers, thanks to both


He knot a towel on his head for the heat/sweating.