Very low quality reflections (excluding mirrors)

Hello! I’ve had this problem since forever, but I finally decided to ask about it. I can’t find the answer anywhere and it’s driving me nuts. Does anyone else experience it? Is it normal? I have my mirror reflections set to high. I tried tweaking with settings and it’s always the same, looks like pixelated garbage. It’s always on glass surfaces that are not mirrors. In the image I actually mean the reflections of environment, not so much of 47. Thanks in advance for any input.

The game has very low-resolution cube maps for some reason. You cannot fix it, at least not with vanilla settings.

So you’re saying everyone’s game looks like this?

Depending on wether you use raytracing and how the reflection quality is set, yes. It just looks like that

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Thanks for clearing that up. I dont use Ray tracing but I have reflections set to high. Mirrors look just fine, it’s just other glass surfaces look like that.

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Mirrors are rendered differently, the bad quality reflections you mention are real “reflections” while the mirrors are more like a second camera