Video Games Quotes Guessing Game

As the title suggests, try to find out what games the quote comes from, then post one yourself if you get it right.
I’ll start with a fairly easy one
“I spill my drink”

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Deus Ex?

Funny enough, i thought of creating exactly that thread a few days ago :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Wasn’t that hard to be honest


Okay then guess this Quote:

Witless Boy, do you know who I am?! I am [Redacted], Conquerer of Worlds! You will taste no victory!

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no idea honestly, but i’m sure i’ve heard this before
is redacted actually redacted, or is it because otherwise it’s too easy?

Its Redacted because it would be crystal clear otherwise :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

well in that case i think it’s a bit cheating
the whole point of a quote is that, it’s a quote
but since some of the text is missing it’s not a quote anymore :frowning:

The Redacted Part is only the Characters name, I’ll put it into spoiler tags > Shao Kahn

Shao Khan.

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(unrelated: how do you quote people like that in a reply)

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Excellent Swang, its your turn :clap:

Its at 0:35, if anyone likes to hear it

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Highlight and a quote button will pop up.

“Incredible! You dance like an undead Cyd Charise.”


god i hate how they still kept 20 char limit in the new forum

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now that i have absolutely no clue

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how did you do that?

because when i reply to you, well it doesnt show up as a reply to you

I can’t explain that to you when I don’t have that answer myself I just press the reply button. Anywho that’s all I don’t wanna bloat this thread with forum secrets.

ah ok, any hints on the game?

Yeah i have no clue either.