Vr controls to improve aim

Like everyone else it would be great to see IO implement the move controls, or even the aim controller like fire wall zero or farpoint. But to help some it would be cool to map the L2 button to trigger your laser sight on your firearm to improve aim. At least make it an option

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I think more options for VR would be good, to expand accessibility. Such as new movement options like teleportation or camera snapping rather then continuous movement when moving Agent 47

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Absolutely!! Even the option of playing the game with regular controls but tracks your head movement would be great. That aim system is finicky but im not complaining love the concept. If they add the move controllers to this game i think it will open some developers eyes to VR. This game is the ticket we be waiting for.

I am not 100% sure about this but it seems if you hold L2, your aim will slightly improve. Then all you need to do is to carefully press R2 until a red laserpoint appears and shoot.