VR supported in WoA Part one?

Hello there,
In the comparison page on steam, it said part one didnt have vr mode, however, on the buy page, it said
it supported vr. Does it support it or not?

The majority of HITMAN 3 with a select few of exceptions can be experienced in VR.

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Part one might not come with the VR Access DLC though. Can’t really tell though.

All locations can be experienced in VR. These exceptions are mode dependent.

It should come with vr access as on steam it says supports vr

Seems like part one doesn’t provide VR access


so this is a scam, then?

I’d say it’s more misleading than a scam and IOI might not have control over that anyways. Might just be a thing steam is adding automatically.

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Oh this is one of the weird Steam Hitman Bundles.

Yeah lmao. Doesn’t really seem worth it.