Waiting for a sign challenge bug

a few days ago, i had a problem with Feeding the birds challenge bug. i cannot complete that challenge yet - i have tried three four times.

And now i have second bug problem with completing Waiting for a sign challenge. i took out maelstorm three times with three different neon signs. but challenge pop up didnot even come up.

i wish WB to fix mumbai challenge bugs ASAP

hm… i am sorry. i completed this challenge. after identifing the maelstorm and taking out him with neon sign is how i completed this challenge.

Yep, it appears that in H2 you could do this before the Maelstrom had been identified. Not so in H3 it appears.

I identified the Maelstrom first (with the photo) and then the challenged popped perfectly.

What sign did you drop on him?
I tried two or three signs, before and after identifying him, but nothing

This one worked for me.