Waiting for Steam? Come talk about fun ways to engage with H1/H2

I am super bummed about IOI and Epic’s decision to make H3 players re-purchase H2 to get the maps inside H3. There’s a bunch of reasons this sucks, and there are other threads for that. But I’ve cancelled my preorder.

But I was super stoked about Hitman 3, so how can I get more Hitman?

Well, there’s plenty of stuff in H1&H2; tons, in fact, and you can come discuss it on the Patient Gamers subreddit, a place for people who just want to play good games, and don’t want to get caught up in hype cycles.

Come chat about Hitman 1 & 2. It’ll be fine.

An example from the thread: Hitman 1 is full of tons of Escalations that didn’t get ported into Hitman 2. So if you load up 1 location at a time in H1, you can get access to a bunch of escalations you may not have seen in a while.

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I think I might cancel my pre-order after what IO pulled


The thing is…I don’t need to play H3 right now, not at all. I was really excited for it, but I feel like that excitement just got dumped on, big time.

I think there’s a cool opportunity here, too. Back away from the hype cycle, file this away on a wishlist or a calendar reminder, and dig into the game that I really do like and already own.

I’ve done some meditation stuff, and this feels like a chance to disconnect from desire / hype, which is always a good thing for me.


Yeah cool but I just waited on Cyberpunk for 2 years I can’t do this again


This is my struggle too here. :smiley:

i can wait just fine. maybe i’ll redownload hitman 1.

for all its flaws (the lack of accents, the james bond theme, etc), hitman 1 was peak hitman. it combined the controls and smoothness of absolution with the classic hitman gameplay of blood money.

hitman 2 is still good. it’s basically hitman 1 with new maps, subtle gameplay additions (like hiding in crowds/bushes), and a lot more bugs. lol. ghost mode was brilliant though

try playing older, retro games from your childhood. for me, those were the PS2, PSP, and to some extent the PS3.

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That’s what I’ve been saying all the time on previous forum, so much even I got fed up. Back when H3 was still faraway and everybody was playing H2, I was talking about these advantages of H2016 over H2:
1 - much more Escalations
2 - Proffesional mode is much harder than Master mode in H2 (enemies kill you easier, they are more alert etc) so it’s more fun to play hide and seek
3 - You can go and replay all the challenges in Professional level (challenges solved in Normal level don’t count)
There are some more pluses, but I forgot for the moment…
Of course, H2 has its own advantages, but most people were talking just about this issue, not the other way around.

Patient Steam Gamer Here :blush:

Awaiting the release on our beloved platform i can recommend you to try the Master SA/SO challenges on both H2016 and HITMAN 2 :+1:

It will test your patience and your skills on those games while keeping the thrill of the hardest challenge in the same time :slight_smile:

If you’ve done those already you can also try to browse the Players Contracts (no restrictions about kills) and seek for new challenges like:

  • Pick random items in your inventory and go try kill the targets with those…

  • Go into the level WITHOUT any item and kill the targets using random map items…

  • Get a harder challenge by trying to kill the targets in plain sight and try to complete and escape guards without changing disguise :warning:

  • You can also try something different by completing ALL targets using Sniper Rifle only :sunglasses:

Silent Assassin is recommended but not necessary, as the idea is firstly to have fun :blush:

Cheers and cya around 2022 :wink: