Was there supposed to be a HITMAN: Absolution 2?

Hey all, just replayed HITMAN: Absolution (My favourite HITMAN Instalment) and realised that there is a cutscene before the credits roll (Can’t find a clip sorry babes!!).

It features the detective from Terminus (Go find the cutscene for the deets) but Birdie offers help to the detective, saying he can give information on 47 (for a price) before it fades to black.

Was this supposed to imply some sort of sequel that was gonna happen before Absolution was hit with bad reception?

probably, there’s no way that they would do that cutscene without hinting a sequel

In 2011 Square-Enix opened a new studio Square-Enix Montréal. They were developing a new Hitman game. The goal was to produce Hitman titles simultaneously with IO. In 2013 Square mandated the switch to mobile titles, the likes of Hitman GO, Hitman Sniper and other Square franchises.

Not much is known about this cancelled Hitman game, other than a handful of concept art.


There wasn’t much information regarding this project and if it had any direct connection to the events of Absolution.

The second picture was created live in front of an audience, at an event in Montréal. Its importance should be taken with a grain of salt, however the character would be part of the game. If I’m not mistaken, playable with a more action focused gameplay.


When IO Cancels a whole game to remaster said game.


whats that supposed to mean

In Hitman Alpha build, you can see the same animation when an npc is put into a dresser than absolution, and the mark-and-shoot system was still in place.

Videos on YouTube.

Most likely yes. And I’m rather glad there never was one. It’s a shame we never got a chance to deal with Birdie but it’s a small price to pay for going back to what made Hitman such a great franchise.