Watch Dogs series

A new co-op mission was just made available online! It’s an exclusive collaboration with TV series La Casa de Papel, or known as Money Heist on Netflix:

I didn’t watch nor know such show existing, but let me know if it’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, complete the mission to unlock an unique outfit!

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Money Heist is such a good show! The first two seasons were absolutely amazing. There was a little drop in quality for seasons 3 and 4 but it was still very good. It’s a show that really keeps you trying to figure out exactly what is going on, who knows what, and who’s on what side the entire time. A Watch Dogs/Money Heist crossover would be amazing!

Does it have to be co-op though? Ugh.


Huh. Apparently Ubisoft did the same with with Siege last year.

I’ve heard of Money Heist, and I’ve heard good things about it, but the shows been going on for a while now. I’m surprised there’s still new seasons coming out.

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The upcoming 5th season is going to be the last. It’s an odd show, I think. The first two seasons were entirely in spanish and had dubbing or captions (it was filmed in Spain and imported to other countries). Those first two seasons were also one coherent story with a definite end.

Then, they decided that the show had enough of a following that they produced two more seasons, which was another single story. Those two seasons had flashbacks and callbacks to the earlier story content though. The 2nd story ended on a cliff hanger though and this 5th season will be the end of the 2nd storyline.


Got a notification saying that you can play Legion free this weekend. Looks like it’s good for PlayStation, PC and Stadia and if you like the game you can buy it at a good discount. (I don’t see it on the blogpost, but in the message I got from PlayStation it says you need to be a PS Plus subscriber for the PS version.)


More Watch Dogs books are coming


So thanks to @ZeroGravitas I got to try WD:L. So far I have recruited the construction worker and I want to give my first impressions.

I had the most fun in this game when I don’t use guns. Making traps, driving over people with cars, or simply taking them out takes time to set up but is usually the most fun parts, sort of like playing hitman. I like it when I manipulate the NPCs and ruining their day. I haven’t explored the rest of the game yet. Occasionally I see a guard and control a nearby car to drive over them but that’s about it.

I don’t think I will be buying the game though, I don’t think the current gameplay can keep me interested for hours unless something mixes it up (I’m still early in the game so I don’t know if it will, I should wait until the weekend is over and judge it then) and I’m still preoccupied with DOOM Eternal, which is quickly turning into my favourite game. But from what I played I enjoyed it.


So the trial period has ended (I think?) and my thoughts have stayed the same. I don’t think this game is the type of game I like, I find it tedious to drive around everywhere to get somewhere, and the recruitment missions themselves gets really repetitive after some time.

Honestly, a few hours after writing my first impressions, I realised I wasn’t having fun. So I did not go back for the rest of the weekend. Hitman, with all of the many things you can do there has gotten stale for me, and having the few missions I played in the game feel like an even more restrictive hitman isn’t exactly going to keep me interested for long.

Maybe I’m approaching this game the wrong way, I was expecting for it to either be a fun open world game that I’ll play once and forget or be a really deep stealth game like hitman. I’m still glad I got to try out the demo, at least I know the game is not for me.

This is not to say the game is bad though, if it is then I don’t think someone will dedicate a thread of it in an unrelated forum with 147 replies as of now and some frequent posters. It’s also really impressive, NPCs have schedules and other NPCs related to them, makes it all feel connected to me. Thanks @ZeroGravitas for showing me the demo and all the other posters here. I won’t be playing it anymore but I still enjoy reading posts from this thread.


If you’re not in the middle of a mission then you can fast travel to a nearby station; and it took me a while to figure out but a lot of cars are driverless and intended as taxis, AND they don’t even charge you money for some reason (Which I think is dumb, having to pay for a taxi would at least make there be a small trade-off, otherwise it’s like a consequence-free car theft)

Anyway, I like it less than WD2, but I do like it enough to play it to the end and usually look forward to playing it, and then I’ll try out multiplayer and the zombie mode


This is actually something easily remedied with the “Deep Profiler” skill unlock. It gives much easier and quicker ways to recruit people instead of the repetitive, drawn-out missions where you have to drive an ambulance across half the city or download files at two different locations.

Some characters have relatives that are stuck in the hospital, so you just have to get there, hack in, speed up the recovery, and there’s an instant recruit. Or maybe it’s a rescue mission at a police station, or hacking someone on the street for 10 seconds. Very simple, easy stuff compared to the regular recruit tasks.

But yeah, this game’s not perfect.

Some stuff is fun like finding various occupations and the one NPC with the cool skill.
Permadeath is a great way to up the ante and get you more attached to characters.
The Borough Liberation missions are the best side-content, since they each offer some unique mission not seen in the rest of the game (parkour in a dark room, racing minigame, drone strikes,)
It’s best to find one character you love, customize the hell out of them, then make them your main character.
Eh, it won’t appeal to everyone though, and I get that.

The Bloodline expansion is Peak Legion Content however. It’s focused, it’s tailored to characters, and great added gadgets.
Enjoy Doom.


I never knew about this, it could have saved a lot of time. Thanks for telling. Now I sound like one of those people who discredit a game just because of an annoying part that has a solution/is there for a reason. I hope I didn’t give that impression though.

I think that was the last skill (I think that’s what it is called?) I got before deciding that the game is not for me. Unfortunately I barely even used it so I never got the chance to see those missions. Sounding even more like those people, I should have had put more time.

This was one of the things I was looking forward to, but I don’t think it was included in the demo since it was an expansion. (If it was then I really missed out on good content).

Permadeath sounds like something I would have loved when I replay the campaign (usually having it on my first playthrough will just lead to frustration). Maybe if I decide to play it (once I’m finished with doom, for reasons below) again I will like it more and use it.

Funnily enough I think Doom might have ruined the game for me. If I wasn’t hooked on it yet then I would have probably played more of Legion. Doom is fast, stressful, fun and Legion is a more slower paced game, that could be a reason why I found it more repetitive/less fun when the trial ended.

I want to say again that I hope I didn’t misinterpret anything about the game. The beginning could have been the most boring part of the game and I should have given it more time to get to the fun zone. I’m starting to rethink some of my complaints on my first impressions the more I think about it, maybe I’ll go back to this game and give it a second chance.

Thanks for the help!

Except for certain missions, you can still use fast travel while on a mission. The main pattern is: You get the mission, go to the place, do a thing. Not allowing the player to use fast travel on a mission would make the “go to the place” part tedious for the most part.

Driverless cars are for consequence-free car theft. In the past games, you steal someone’s vehicle, maybe stop them from calling the cops, then goodbye to them forever. But in Legion, when you steal someone’s vehicle, they will dislike Dedsec, and when they show up again someday, they will still remember it and still dislike Dedsec. (Though there is a workaround) So if the player wanted to avoid this, the player would always need to use a character with a vehicle or find a parked vehicle. But thanks to driverless cars, the player can easily find consequence-free vehicles like in the past games. In my opinion, it doesn’t need a trade-off. But that is just how I understood it.

This made me think that you don’t play this kind of open-world game very often. Usually, an open-world game with this scale of the map has some kind of fast travel. Since now you know this, I think you will enjoy the game a lot more when you play this type of game again in the future.


There are a lot of games that I don’t like for spurious reasons, at best. I’ve been known to stop playing a game because the control scheme just doesn’t work. I’ve been known to stop because the graphics weren’t good enough. I’ve stopped playing because a NPC was annoying, because I didn’t feel like grinding through levels to get good enough to win, or because I just wasn’t feeling the game.

Watch Dogs Legion is a game that I did find enjoyable and have replayed a couple times now but I can see why it might not be for everyone. I have decided that there are only two ways that I can approach most of the missions in this game. Either I rely entirely on stealth hacking and my character never even enters the forbidden portion of the map or I go in guns blazing and kill everyone I see. There’s never anything in between.

It’s an easy game to get frustrated by but it’s also and easy game to get bored by, particularly if you don’t know about some of the mechanics involving fast travel or auto-drive.


There ya go, you just described pretty much all modern Ubisoft games :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know, the Far Cry series have been pretty dependable and reliably entertaining. I’m looking forward to Far Cry 6 for sure. I do agree about pretty much all of the rest of their content though. They used to be a really good “go to” developer too.


Just popping in real quick, if you want some more London-y cosmetic items (see: football), for now or for later, there’s a limited time rewards pack, up on Ubi Connect for the next 2 days.

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I have completed Watchdogs 2 three times, and I really enjoy playing it. I was going to get it on release day when it but some of the reviews put me off, and I have avoided it since.

Would you recommend that I get Legions? And would you say that it is as enjoyable as WD2.


I’d say Legion is a whole different experience from WD2, at least base game wise. And whether you will enjoy Legion or not depends on what aspect you like about 2.

Story wise, mission structures are similar in both games, being exposing shady operations and fighting massive organizations, as well as taking back controls to civilians as Dedsec hacker group. But Legion features a more serious tone of the story, elements like oppressive corporations and human trafficking. WD2, on the other hand, tries to present such subjects with a lighthearted tone, adding some funny or mischievous theme to its missions, all thanks to its writing and characters as well.

Gameplay wise, both games were strongly advertised with “freedom of approach,” but in much different ways. Legion will require you to choose wisely on which operatives you want for specific missions, whether you’d like to go stealthily or loudly, because every operative can have their strengths and weaknesses. WD2 provides its freedom via the tools and skills you unlock through progression. You ultimately decide what kind of player Marcus is, whether is infiltrating with only RC jumper, or forging evidences to provoke a gang war.

Game world wise, both San Fran and London closely resemble their real-life inspirations and are well detailed. Map sizes are roughly the same. London is more urbanized, while San Fran does have some surrounding hills and ‘natural’ areas. You can find more futuristic stuffs like drones everywhere in London, while SF being more ‘present’ to its 2016 settings. They both have their own set of side distractions such as mini-games or clothing stores. Both have gang controlled areas, so you can mess with them outside of missions if you want. In this aspect, I’d say it will still depend on your preference.

In the end, I can’t tell if you will like Legion or not, but this is how they compare in my opinion. If you have a chance to try the game like it once offered a free weekend, you can perhaps experience more by yourself. Then you will finally be able to tell which you prefer. Personally, I’d prefer WD2, but Legion is decent enough. :wink:


I think if you enjoy Watch Dogs 2, you’ll probably enjoy Legion as well, but expect the differences too. As @YellowZR1 already mentioned, there is more than one operative. In fact there is no main character at all in this game. When they say you can play as anyone, they really mean it (except the main antagonists, obviously). You can recruit anyone off the street and play as them and they all have strengths and weaknesses.

One job may require a talented hacker. Another may need a bare knuckle boxer. You choose which operatives you use when you want them so if a particular mission isn’t going the way you want, maybe retry with a different operative.

The game does have a darker tone too. If you expect the same (mostly) lighthearted plot of the earlier game, you’re not going to like this, but the overall game play and mission style is pretty close.


Thank you @YellowZR1 @schatenjager . I think I’ll probably get it at some point. Personally I enjoyed using the drone and jumper a lot, along with the hacking side obviously. I also thought the storyline is better than what people say. Marcus is a good, more relateable main character. The map is also brilliant and I love how the NPC’s interact with Marcus.

Would you say that the hacking aspect is as big as WD2 or is the disguise system a bigger part of the game?