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So, this forum has been through a hard reset (just like what Zero-Day likes). :smirk:

Jokes aside, I’d like to continue the discussion about Legion. This time however, I have a major info that I’d like to share. Please proceed to read the following post. Otherwise, you are free to discuss anything about the series.

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Edit (one last time):
Someone else found the glitch first. Oops, my bad.

I haven’t seen any information about this on the Internet, so I considered this as my first big discovery about Legion.

Introducing the ‘permanent AR cloak glitch’:

What does it do?

Enemies won’t be able to see you, permanently. You can use it to accomplish as many missions as you want, which can make the game very unchallenging. But hey, you are more likely to not lose operatives.

How do I get this glitch?

There are several missions which prompt you going into a usually inaccessible area, like a basement of an enemy territory. Particularly, the elevator in Blume Complex during ‘Into the Void’, and the basement in The Hackney Baths during ‘Crashing the Auction’ will do the trick.

You will need to equip AR cloak to perform this glitch. Activate it when you’re about to enter the special room, then hold the prompt to get in while it’s still in effect. And that’s it!

How do I know if the exploit works?
Simply standing in front of a moving car, it won’t stop and will try to put you into hospital.

Will this glitch lose its effect?

Yes. Under these circumstances:

  • Quitting the game and restart
  • Using any other gadget like spider-bot.

However, it won’t lose its effect in circumstances like:

  • Swapping Operatives
  • Fast Travel
  • Using spider-bots found in enemy territories and drones

Note: This glitch works under title update 2.40 (released on Dec 10th, 2020) on PS4 system.

Well that’s all. I hope you enjoy this piece of information. Maybe it will help you go through the hardest missions. :wink:


You can use it to accomplish as many missions as you want, which can make the game very unchallenging. But hey, you are more likely to not lose operatives.

I will never understand people who cheat on permadeath to not lose operatives. Like, c’mon, disabling it is a thing.

Nah I think it’s fine. This is a single player game after all. Players are free to accept tough challenges or cheat all the way if they want.

The real problem for Ubisoft though, is if the online portion has this kind of game breaking glitch. Imagine if it’s permanent invisibility in PVP mode, that will be a big issue then. Anyway, we will see how they are gonna handle Online Mode this year.

Speaking of which, when do you all think Online Mode or the first DLC will drop? For your references:

  • Bad Blood was released 4 months behind WD1.
  • T-Bone Content Bundle (1st DLC for WD2) was released 1 month later (a year later for PC and Xbox).

The only PvP mode they announced is the spiderbot arena. Although I hope they announce an actual PvP mode like Showd0wn in the future.

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I hope that as well. It will make good use of operatives’ traits. Something like if my opponents have an army of Kelley, and my operative has ‘Kelley Vendetta’ trait. Bare knuckle boxing in PvP could be plenty of fun too.