Watching from afar!

Hi. I have been playing since Hitman 2016, so I’m a newcomer really. However I’ve been playing Hitman 2 a lot so I feel like I’m starting to have a good idea of what Hitman is “about”.

My suggestion for a future feature is the ability to watch back/replay your mission from cinematic cameras around the level after completion. I got this idea after competing Landslide. After completing the hit in the beachside square I went up to the top of the church tower and I realised it would be really fun to watch a replay of myself moving through that environment, seeing my mistakes, near misses, and cool moves.


that’s like a feature from a driver game. considering that they’ve never implemented even a proper photo mode i’d say this idea is too much work for them

sure, but it’d be cool as all hell.

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