Weird blooming effect that I just noticed

I was playing Sapienza/World of Tomorrow on Hitman 3 and suddenly there was a bright blooming effect on several objects. It occurred on one play though with a couple of lights (a chandelier and a street lamp), but on all play thought it did it on lit cigarettes and reflections from phones. I just noticed this today and I don’t remember it happening before. I’m also not using any mods, so I don’t know why this started happening just today.

That bloom is because 47’s future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear… shades.


lol. if there was one weird light effect (which was patched by the look of it). was the morgue area where the guys talked about the neurochip. the light for the place they’re working in basically lit up the entire room. it looked horrible.

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That still happens occasionally in my game (Xbox).

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I’ve not had this on PS5 once, but I have had it on PC quite a few times. :disappointed:

I’ve had this just start happening to me (Steam version of H3) in Santa Fortuna, where there are suddenly some blinding light reflections off objects in Andrea’s office that weren’t there before.

Been playing a lot of Santa Fortuna recently and can confirm that I only started seeing this after I had taken out The Revolutionary Year 2 ET on 9th July 2022, so my issue started at exactly the same time as yours, OP.

If this continues to happen then I’ll report this as a bug to the IOI Support Zendesk.