Weird grapic issue

i haven’t successfully been able to capture a screen shot of it yet but i keep seeing a weird effect on npcs and objects where they are kind of leaving a blurry trail behind them iv noticed it more if i leave the game unpaused and running then i come back after 20 mins and start playing its slowly stops doing it after a while iv had it happen on almost every map with almost every item ,npc i keep my graphics drives up to date im on w11 operating system which i know is buggy so maybe in some weird way w11 is causing it iv seen it with v-sync on and off if i can get a pic of it ill post it here

For the record this happens to me on PS4 and Xbox series S. I am not technically savvy enough but just figured eh :man_shrugging:t3:

yea i figured they meant to do it but in my opinion its just off putting god knows i have no clue where to even begin to fix it nothing i attempted worked asked modders of the game in discord they said they didnt have the tools to edit or see controls i guess so my last attempt at fixing is just asking for it from the devs

i might just straight up buy hitman 3 on steam and the dlc just so i can edit the controls but idk its such a small little issue thats annoying that its not easier to fix like im able to add custom outfits and weapons and all that but i cant adjust my controls to how i prefer them

Perfectly normal. It’s called The Matrix Effect.