Welcome to Hitmanforum

Welcome to the recently renovated Hitmanforum. If you like the Hitman games then this is a place you can share your love of it with other fans. Please take a moment to look around and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Before engaging in any conversation it is highly adviseable that you read our guidelines and remember that eh forum is for everyone. You also need to be aware that this forum is not official and is not run by IO Interactive at all, it’s a fan forum - though you may see some IOI staff around from time to time, they’re our guests.

With the pending release of the climax of the new Hitman trilogy there’s a few key guidelines we want to stress to everyone:

  • The forum is for everyone, whether they played Codename 47 to death when it first came out, or just picked up the latest title today - its about sharing the love of the games. This is by far the most important aspect.
  • Different people play different ways and look for different things in video games, and that’s okay
  • If you want to talk about surprising or plot critical parts of the game, learn to use the [spoiler] tags
  • Video games are complicated and the people who make them are real people, so keep that in mind if you find a bug or take issue with some part of design

Should you be searching for content referenced as being on the "old forum: then you’ll want to check here:


Updates will be ongoing on this forum for the foreseeable future.