What a New Location/country/mission do you think missing?

A ski resort would be an excellent idea.

Pyongyang, North Korea.
Canberra, Australia
An airport
Two Olympic venues … summer and winter
The Pentagon … or Washington, DC

Asia 7: China,japan,bangkok,mumbai,dubai,
maldives,ambrose island

Europe 6:
Paris,Sapienza,Dartmoor,Berlin,Isle of sgail,Romania (map without Contracts!!)
So kind of 5

Maybe without the island its 5:5
But Romania cant make any contract and probably cant use in Freelancer

damn man that would be really nice for there to be a level there.

Its kinda look like Paris Map

But in Paris you can’t go outside the street so i feel we need compansation :expressionless:

What I really want is to return to Japan, and have a mission set in Tokyo. We’ve been to the USA a bajillion times. Shinjuku Ward ftw!

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Its my dream too, but IOI will not make country twice, so i will glad to see atleast Seoul, Hong Kong or Taiwan (maybe not too because its kind of China)

My point was they’ve done America more than once, but yep Seoul would be brilliant too.

  • A snow map (I don’t care what country it is, I just want a snow map above all else)

  • Khandanyang (I would prefer this to be a map for the Sniper Assassin game mode)

  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (for a casino)

  • Macau (for an alternate choice for a casino level)

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Any African country/location

I would have said Vietnam, but we recently got Ambrose Island, so I doubt they’d do another jungle/tropical level.

A little off topic, but I’d like a snow-based Bonus Mission in either Berlin or Whittleton Creek.