What are you eating or cooking?

Vanilla ice cream with olive oil and a pinch of salt. It was all the rage a few years ago, and it’s still delicious.


I made pancakes today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My significant other made some chocolate cake custard, but not the traditional kind with eggs. But with an alternative in the form of pig’s blood. it can be used as an alternative instead of eggs.

I had a small taste, couldn’t tell it was made with blood. It’s part of a project she’s doing on food waste for this year’s finals.


Finally I didn’t forget to take a picture of what we are eating here in UK.
Well, nothing special now, I can’t cook so my mom is a chef and she’s making food which we get used to in Ukraine. But first week or two our hosts cooked for us. And they always prepared something extraordinary special (for us at least). Everything looked and tasted just terrific.
Always wanted to take pictures of the food but when they served it, this desire was covered by another desire and I totally was obsessed by the smell and look so the thought of taking pictures always evaporated.

Anyway here’s what we ordered today in Kenilworth Castle’s cafe

Portions were unexpectedly huge and nourishing so we nearly finished it :slight_smile:


Ahh yes, I too need to go grocery shopping this Friday cause my meal has consisted of orange and cream ice cream, a pinch of Chex mix, and chocolate syrup.


I think you are making fun and it did make me laugh, but… You should try the vanilla olive oil thing. It’s surprisingly complex. The oil is fattier than even ice cream so it makes it really rich and the sharpness of a decent olive oil compared to vanilla ice cream really is interesting. Throw some salt on it though. It’s better with just a sprinkling of extra salt on top.

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We got a bread maker as a birthday gift. The thing is magical. You just put all the stuff in it and hit go… then sometime later you have dough. Then you reach in and take away one piece of the machine, and you hit go again… then you have bread. The process takes about 4 hours but it’s less than 10 min of actual work and the machine doesn’t really need to be cleaned (you just clean that one little piece you pull out half way through).

Alternatively you can do the first part to get dough and then remove the one piece and then set a timer like a coffee machine. The 2nd process will start on delay so you can arrive home from work or wake up in the morning to fresh made bread.

Our first loaf was rosemary and olive oil bread (=


Made ricotta cheese gnocchi. There aren’t any potatoes in it. And it was my first time to make gnocchi. They turned out great! Cooked them in some butter, added sage leaves and dried tomato.


My dad tried some new cooking today and made some chicken ramen from scratch. It turned out really really well. :clap: :clap:


Actually looks pretty good, if slightly unorthodox.


I love ramen! That loooks amazing. Have you seen Chefs Table on netflicks? There is an episode about a NY Jewish guy who opens a ramen place in Tokyo that is a huge hit. The whole series is great but that episode and the one about Grant Achatz were the best two.


I can’t say I’ve heard of that show on Netflix, but I don’t really watch cooking shows so that’s probably why im unaware.

Sounds pretty cool so I’ll see if I can get to it on the side