What are you suit ideas?

What are some ideas for suits. Existing disguises that you want as suits or suits that you thought of yourself.
Try connecting it to challenges since recently. That’s how you unlock suits.

I think we should have a Kashmerian suit for completing the whole Kashmerian storyline. Im not talking about the the trash one that spelt with a c.

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I assume you mean the actual suit the Kashmerian wore as opposed to the one we already have that is similar? I would like that as well. When the one we have was given to me I was disappointed it wasn’t the exact same.

I already got the one I wanted most. The 17 suit. I was annoying all over the forum begging for it. Finally it came and it’s my most used suit now.

If I could get another I’d like a goodfellas suit. A suit with a tie that has a very small knot under a shirt with an overly long and exaggeratedly narrow collar. They are a fictional remembering of the old two button tab collars that were high and narrow, only for the films they play them up for dramatic effect. When done properly they look menacing. Maybe you could get it by taking out Marco Abiati and making it look like it was the union rep who did it? I’m not sure how that would work in the current version of the level but perhaps taking him out during the meeting and making his body disappear but leaving a fish to be found? Something like that.

I think we have enough suits as it is, what id like to see is more outfits, especially the whacky/non-serious one like the ruby rude or the easter bunny so I think a onesie or teddy bear outfit would be a blast for kill everyone challenges or gun fights :smiley:



A double breasted suit. I mean the actual jacket is double breasted, not just the coat like in The New Yorker. A few NPCs have double breasted suits and it seems weird to me that even though it’s a fairly well-known type of suit they haven’t made one an unlockable outfit for 47.

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Which NPCs?

And wouldnt the rain suit from chonqing qualify?

A double breasted suit is characterized by two rows of buttons on the front. Salvatore Bravuomo wears one, so does Dorian Lang. There might be others.


Some Ideas I cobbled together in Picsart.


What about a Grey 47 suit, as in Ghost Mode?


The Black Ninja Suit from Hokkaido

The Swimwear Suit from Haven Island

Hitman Contracts Suit (from the loading screen of Beldingford Manor- it’s essentially the same as the Blood Money Suit, just the tie has black and gold stripes instead)

Other than that, I mainly just want the platform specific suits (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch/Steam/PC) and the Sniper Assassin game mode Suit (the exact same as the Absolution suit, but just without the tie clip).

If I can think of any other suits, I’ll make another post.