What are your favourite stealth games besides Hitman?

Mine’s definitely the older Splinter Cell Games (1,Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory).



Splinter Cell. Crazy SC hasn’t had a new entry for so long.


They are making a VR SC game but I probably won’t play it.

To be honest, I really never understood the love for MGS, guess it’s just not my type of game.

Mine will be Watch_Dogs, although one can argue it’s not really a stealth games.

I like it because of its smooth character movement. You can press a button and see Aiden slides into a barrier and press again to move to another without being noticed. Plus there’s the spec-op 1911. I rate it 10/10 when using it to headshot enemies. It’s very satisfying!


I agree with you. I like being stealthy in Watch Dogs, although I’d say that Watch Dogs 2 was better at stealth as Watch Dogs 1 had some missions where combat was enforced, if I recall correctly.


The Dishonored series is great, as is Deus Ex. And Mark of the Ninja is an excellent 2D stealth game I discovered last year.


The newer Spiderman games have some pretty decent stealth sections.

Also payday 2 used to be my favourite stealth game, then hitman 2016 came out :sweat_smile:


Splinter Cell (Pandora Tomorrow to Double Agent), Metal Gear Solid 3 and Far Cry games (4 to New Dawn).


Recently I played a first part of Dishonored, it was great and maybe… Arma 3 stealth cause I like military thematics.

Deus Ex, Desperados 3, MGS V


Deus Ex Human Revolution was one of the most udnerrrated games I’ve played.

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Besides the obvious Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex…
I’ll add the Batman Arkham games.
I prefer playing those without bat sense and taking down the enemies silently just by sight.
And also Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. It was sitting in my Epic game library since I redeemed it last(?) year, 'til someone mentioned it here. Great game. Although, I did ragequit the prison snowtop mission and haven’t played since. Haha.


Yeah but that makes it feel like you’re controlling a small man on the back of Aiden’s head rather than him - Press X to give him a slap and watch him run to the piece of cover you were pointing at.

Lately I’ve enjoyed Shadow Tactics and even being stealthy in Cyberpunk was very satisfying.

completely agree with you on how good the payday 2 stealth is. It’s actually really good for a game that’s all about going loud, and there’s so many different stealth missions that are pretty memorable, like golden grin and diamond heist.

I think my fav part about it is that you can only take out 4 guards for the entire mission, it makes the stealth way better better and more tense.

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The early Splinter Cell games,
Mission Impossible (worse controls) specially the Embassy (Embassy Function) Mission which is some kind of a Grandfather Hitman level.
Mission Impossible Operation Surma (the first act was great where you have to sneak in a research facility).

Dishonored, especially the first game. Not so much the second game. The first reminded me a lot of SA and is still one of my favourite games.

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It’s all in how you play the game, right? I love playing skyrim stealthily. Been doing the same with cyberpunk, but the loot I’m getting makes it really clear guns blazing would work as well.

As for games that enforce stealth, I’d say the early assassin’s creed games, as well as Syndicate, which I think is one of the best in the series and definitely the most underrated.

Also loved the old thief games, and playing survivor in Dead By Daylight.

Was there anything that bugged you about the second one that caused you to exclude it? Honestly to me both Dishonoreds were pretty good but the level design in D2 was much more varied imo. However D1 had a better atmosphere

To me Emily’s powers seemed a bit too powerful/OP compared to Corvo’s but I just chose not to use them.

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The City of Karnaca and the bloodfiles was in my opinion a dull retreat of Dunwall and the weepers from the first game. To be quite frank, I found the overall game to be unimaginative and rather forgettable.

I do know that I’m in the minority regarding this opinion.

Deus Ex
Batman Arkham
Far Cry
Sniper Elite
Mark of The Ninja
Watch Dogs
Cyberpunk 2077(to a great extent)